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    Would a sore throat make my thyroid enlarged?
    I was at the dr yesterday with a sore throat and I got sent for blood work because my thyroid is enlarged. I had it checked when I was 18 and now 5 years later here I am again. I seem to have some of the symptoms for having an enlarged thyroid. I think I fall under the hypothermia category.

    • ANSWER:
      Hypothermia means you're cold. Your body temperature has gone lower than it should. With the thyroid you could have a goiter. If it's a goiter, you will see it protruding in your neck. If your Dr suspected anything worse I would hope he's ordered more tests. For now, relax and wait and see if it get bigger. If it does, call that Dr right away. Hope you're OK. Blessings

    Is there any connection with a slightly enlarged thyroid and a head cold?
    I noticed this week for the first time that my lower neck was slightly swollen (where my neck meets my collar bone). Soon after I developed a sore throat and symptoms of a head cold. Just wondering if these two things might be connected. I plan on seeing a doctor if the swelling continues in what I assume to be my thyroid gland (uniform swelling, very slight).
    Actually, the thyroid is in front of and on the sides of the trachea. And, the swelling is in my lower front neck, not my lymph nodes or tonsils...

    • ANSWER:
      Yes there could be a connection. If you neck area is enlarged then it is very possible that you have an enlarged thyroid, or goiter. Often, a goiter is associated with thyroiditis which can not only cause your thyroid hormones to fluctuate, but cause a fever as well. The "cold like" symptoms can be an inflammatory response to the inflamed thyroid. If you are having other thyroid symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, tenderness in neck, increased/decreased energy, insomnia, heart palpitations, dry hair and skin, increased arthritic pains, or weight gain or loss...then it is very possible that there is a thyroid issue and you should see your doc. Hope this helps.

    What's really happening when you have a "frog" in your throat?
    I've got a bit of a cold and sore/froggy throat so I've been wondering.
    And thank you, Stephanie, for being one of the few people answering this who is not acting immature, and actually answering the question with an ounce of sense.

    • ANSWER:
      The complaint of a “sensation” of a lump in the throat is very common. Lumps in the neck, which are visible to an outside observer, are less common. The perception of a lump in the neck or throat, often described, as a “frog in the throat” is often worrying but fortunately rarely due to a serious disease. Patients often feel at the base of the neck that there is something there and they have to continually clear their throat. Sometimes the voice is slightly affected. If the complaint is long standing and there is no change in diet or weight, it is extremely unlikely that there is a sinister cause. Weight loss and the need to eat finely chopped food is however a sinister symptom and anybody with such complaints should seek urgent medical attention. A complaint of a lump in the neck, which is visible externally, should always be taken seriously. There are many causes for this as they’re many organs within the head and neck, which can produce disease. An ENT surgeon is trained to consider what the likely origin of the lump is over what type of disease, i.e. infection or tumour is the likely cause.
      The site of the lump is the single most useful guide to the possible cause.

      1) Thyroid gland – should it become enlarged (goitre). Usually the cause of this is a benign goitre, which consists of multiple cysts. There may be a benign lump or rarely a malignant lump. Diagnosis usually rests on blood tests, a needle biopsy and sometimes an ultra sound examination.

      2) Lymph glands, there are many lymph glands within the neck and indeed the whole human body. Strictly speaking we refer to these as lymph nodes, not lymph glands, but often the public will talk about “their glands are up”. This may be a non-specific reaction to a generalised infection or an inflammatory or malignant process nearby e.g. tonsillitis or cancer of the throat. For this reason any lump in the neck, which is not associated with an acute cold and does not resolve within three weeks should be examined by a Doctor urgently.

      3) Salivary glands including parotid and submandibular – the saliva in our mouth is produced by various glands within the neck, the two largest of which are the parotid gland just below and in front of the ear and the submandibular gland which is tucked up underneath the jaw bone. These may become enlarged because of infection (e.g. mumps) obstructed by a stone or a tumour. Removal of the submandibular gland or the parotid gland (parotidectomy) are delicate operations with risk and complications of which the patient must be aware.

    Enlarged spleen, thyroid nodules, swollen lymph nodes in neck?
    I just found out that my spleen is swollen, and that is what is causing the pain in my upper left abdomen. I've had thyroid nodules for years, but recently they are much larger, and the nodes near them are swollen now. I am waiting for results of CBC, Hepatic Panel, and mono spot, and have a thyroid ultra-sound scheduled for tonight. Does anyone else have similar symptoms? What could be causing all this?

    • ANSWER:
      First off, you have ALL the classic signs and symptoms of Mono, so I'm glad they are doing a mono spot!

      Enlarge spleen is a condition that normally happens when you have mono due to the fact its a 'filtering' organ and trying to remove the infection. Same with the enlarged lymph nodes in your neck. I'm curious to know if you have a sore throat or have been weak for the last couple of days!

      As for thyroid nodules, experts know that thyroid nodules run in families. This means you are more likely to have a thyroid nodule if one of your parents has had a thyroid nodule. Or they can form when a person has been exposed to to much radiation.

      Hope this helps!

    Have any other women had these symptoms all at once?
    - sudden weight loss
    - feeling generally confused
    - inflammed neck
    - slightly sore throat
    - one off milky discharge from breast
    - weak legs/arms
    - clouded vision
    - headaches
    - problems with balance/co-ordination
    - enlarged taste buds
    - Extreme Fatigue

    What do you think it could be? Doctors are thinking I could have a problem with the functioning of my Petruitry gland. I am having a blood test first thing tomorrow to look at possible hormonal/thyroid inbalances also checking for STDS and got MRI scan booked soon to check for to possible tumors.They were also considering possibility of ME/MS?

    • ANSWER:
      I have thyroid issues and some of the symptoms definitely seem like you might have some thyroid problems check with your doc

    Should I be worried about this swelling?
    My son has a swelling under his chin like a largish lump.
    He seems ok generally apart from slightly lethargic( But as are all teenagers)
    He had flu like symptoms over a month ago that knocked him off his feet for a couple of weeks with sore throat and the doctor said it may be tonsillitis He seemed ok ever since. I am really worried has anyone else had this type of thing?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a swollen lymph gland. This happens with upper respiratory infections. Was he tested for mononucleosis? This, too, can cause sore throat, lethargy and really swollen lymph glands...and it's very common in teenagers. If he hasn't been tested, perhaps he should be as it's a pretty contagious disease.

      If he's otherwise feeling fine...(no fever, no redness of the "lump", no lingering symptoms), then it just needs some time to "calm down". It can take several weeks to a couple of months for affected lymph nodes to calm down...and if he's messing with it (handling it a lot) this can prolong the calming down process...so HANDS OFF.

      Another think to consider is an enlarged thyroid (since it's kinda in the same area). Did the doctor check his thyroid for enlargement?

      In the end, if you are concerned, then take him back in to see his doctor.

    Could I have a thyroid condition?
    I'm only 17 years old. I constantly get a lump in my throat (i mean daily) and often my throat isn't sore. I'm ALWAYS tired and always in a bad mood, no matter how much sleep I get, I always feel cold when it's not cold, and I have a very high pulse all the time.
    I also have very very dry damaged hair, loss of concentration, and anxiety problems for no reason whatsoever.

    However the lump in my throat doesn't show up when i'm anxious,it just randomly gets bigger.

    • ANSWER:
      If your thyroid is enlarged, you can definitely feel it, as well as it will be slightly difficult to swallow. I have hyperthyroidism. My initial symptoms were fatigue, anxiety, shortness of breath while climbing the stairs or holding a long winded conversation (I was not overweight BTW, ) and palpitations. I was always in a bad mood, b/c I always felt "keyed up" and exhausted at the same time. I'd definitely recommend seeing your doctor and having them do a blood test to test your Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH.) Best of Luck...

    Is it my thyroid or something else?
    Well, my neck started to have a sore spot in it a couple days ago. It's not hurting in my throat or outside my neck. It's somewhere inside where the thyroid should be located. It's started to swell slightly. The only thing I can think of that happened to me out of the norm would be me getting a flu shot, but I don't think that should be related to that. Here's a little back story on me, I have depression, a lot of weight gain since last year, constipation, heavy periods, fatigue, and a foggy mind. These are all symptoms of hypothyroidism. I've had tests done for it before but it came back negative, so I'm wondering if its not just a lymph node or some kind of sinus fluid build up. My symptoms for hypothyroidism seems like a little more than a coincidence though. Any thoughts?

    P.S. I'm a 17 year old girl.

    • ANSWER:
      There are so many things that could be wrong. it could have to do with thyroid problems - you may need to medications to assist in keeping the thyroid working well. Yes, sometimes the symptoms can be those you describe. It is also possible that you have some enlarged lymph nodes which could be a reaction to the flu shot. you should check with your doc to see if he can sort it out for you. Thyroid function tests are done through a blood test. So it would be easy to find out if your thyroid is causing you problems. If it is your lymph nodes your doc can sort out what happened to make them 'flare up'.

    can mono cause enlarged thyroid, help im 18?
    ok so 2 weeks ago developed an enlarged thyroid that is pretty painless and not that bothersom, but it is pretty big, my question is, i seem to have all the symptoms of mono, sore throat, extreme fatiuge, fevers, i was put on blood pressure medicine because i was getting tachycardias that would b anywhere from 100 to 140 bpm, so far its worked, trouble sleeping, some days i just feel sick and the next pretty decent, so back to my question, can mono cause an enlarged thyroid? i realize that all my symptoms sound like hyperthyroidism, but i had tests and they all came back normal. any input would be amazing.

    • ANSWER:
      Sure its your thyroid? There are a lot of lymph nodes in that area and mono can cause them to swell. http://www.medicinenet.com/infectious_mononucleosis/article.htm. What ever the problem is your doctor should've examined you and did the appropriate tests. Your best bet is to call the doctors office and speak to a nurse. Get them to explain things to you

    what does xternal dark surface on the neck(with thyroid)indicate?????
    I have been detected for hypo tyrodism & also have a slight swelling on the nec. The neck is also a little dark??? can u assist if the darkness on the surface of the thyroid lines indicate some serious disease.????????

    • ANSWER:
      The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland in the front of the base of your throat and when it is underactive as in hypothyroid it can swell and enlarge to the extent you may see a shadow on your neck, especially when you swallow. Try running a search under the word: Goiter.

      Very interesting sites and links to some good books on having hypothyroiditis can be found at:


      And by the way: it is NOT a sign of diabetes - search the net and any biology book - no reference to this being a sign of diabetes can be found.

      Signs of diabetes are:

      SOME or NONE of the following symptoms:

      Frequent urination
      Excessive thirst
      Unexplained weight loss
      Extreme hunger
      Sudden vision changes
      Tingling or numbness in hands or feet
      Feeling very tired much of the time
      Very dry skin
      Sores that are slow to heal
      More infections than usual.
      Nausea, vomiting, or stomach pains may accompany some of these symptoms in the abrupt onset of insulin-dependent diabetes, now called type 1 diabetes.

      People who think they might have diabetes must visit a physician for diagnosis.

      Signs of hypothyroidism are vast, some of them are often subtle. They are not specific (which means they can mimic the symptoms of many other conditions) and are often attributed to aging. Patients with mild hypothyroidism may have no signs or symptoms. The symptoms generally become more obvious as the condition worsens and the majority of these complaints are related to a metabolic slowing of the body. Common symptoms are listed below:

      Fatigue:feeling tired and listless
      Excessive sleepiness
      Cold intolerance: feeling chilly,
      especially when other people are comfortable
      dry skin
      Dry, coarse hair , hair loss
      slow-growing and brittle fingernails
      slow heart rate
      Increased cholesterol levels
      leg cramps
      sore muscles, muscle cramps
      Swelling of the legs
      Vague aches and pains
      Decreased concentration
      for women, SOME may have heavier periods
      for men, loss of interest in sex, erectile dysfunction
      Modest weight gain due to fluid retention, but usually no more than 3-4 pounds

      AS THE DISEASE BECOMES MORE SEVERE, there MAY be puffiness around the eyes, a slowing of the heart rate, a drop in body temperature, and heart failure. In its most profound form, severe hypothyroidism may lead to a life-threatening coma (myxedema coma).

      In a severely hypothyroid individual, a myxedema coma tends to be triggered by severe illness, surgery, stress, or traumatic injury. This condition requires hospitalization and immediate treatment with thyroid hormones given by injection.

      Properly diagnosed, hypothyroidism can be easily and completely treated with thyroid hormone replacement. On the other hand, untreated hypothyroidism can lead to an enlarged heart (cardiomyopathy), worsening heart failure, and an accumulation of fluid around the lungs (pleural effusion).

      ADD ON;
      If you do not see your symptoms alleviated or disappear all together on thyroid treatment (like the woman who posted below) you may not be on the right dose, the right kind of hormone, you may need to be on cytomel and synthroid together or levothyroixine and cytomel together, or you may not be taking it properly. Or may need an animal derived hormone rather than the synthetic kind.

      There are some foods to avoid, also you should take it on an empty stomach and try not to eat for four hours after taking your medication. Do not eat anything with soy in it because it binds to the medication causing it to not metabolize properly. Do not take it within 4 hours of taking your daily vitamin. Take it in the morning - at around the same time every day, if possible - never take it before bed. Ask your pharmacist for more tips on these facts. For instance, the cholesterol lowering resins cholestyramine (Questran) and colestipol, and the antacid medication carafate may bind levothyroxine in the gastrointestinal tract and prevent its absorption. Aluminum-containing antacids and iron tablets or iron-containing vitamins (common over-the-counter medications), also can interfere with levothyroxine absorption. And a recent report suggests that dietary bran might also bind and limit the absorption of levothyroxine. It is likely that this list of medications and foods will increase in the future. For this reason, many pharmacists now recommend that levothyroxine be taken on an empty stomach.

      Do not settle for a general practitionor or any Dr. who only runs a TSH and not a full thyroid panel, you need to know your levels of T3-Free-Serum (normal range 2.4-4.2 pg/mL) and s-TSH (normal range 0.34-4.82 uIU/mL) and Free T4 (normal range 0.3-1.9 ng/dL) and AST (SGOT) -normal range 15-37 U/L and also ALT (SGPT) normal range 30-65 U/L. Your normal range with little or no symptoms may be a s-TSH of 5.00 or it may be 0.25, if you are just a fractional amount outside of the lab's normal ranges - it is ok, if that is what it takes for your symptoms to subside. For instance, if you are at a 4.75 s-TSH and still feel not well, you need to tell your Dr so they can get your number lower. Have your levels checked every 6 weeks until you are at a good level and feel well. Then re-check your levels at the very least twice a year - your Dr. will help advise you on the frequency your personal situation requires. Some Dr's are now running a scan (picture) to look at the thyroid too.

      You need to educate yourself - there is a lot of misinformation about this disease out there - especially online.

      By the way, mild swelling or puffiness or puffy eyelids and droopy eyelids and bags beneath your eyes CAN be a symptom - especially if you are in a SEVERE level of the disease - but remember there are hundreds of possible symptoms on record officially and not everyone has the same symptoms or the same severity in their symptoms. However, severe swelling of the actual orbits, pupil, eyeball, conjunctiva of the eyes or other muscles or tissues or dermal regions around the eyes can be an potential indicator of Graves - but this is not always the case. Other symptoms would need to be present and tests would need to be run to confirm such a diagnosis.

      Try to go to sites online that have a government or educational sponsor like ones that end in .edu or .gov or .org whenever you can - or wikipedia.com or especially about.com since they require experts with legitmate verifiable credentials to do their postings and they site all their references. Or check out the cdc site (Center for Disease Control)

      Also, if your thyroid is not properly treated, then down the line at some point in your life, your Dr's may try to medicate you for high cholesterol - since elevated cholesterol levels are a common side effect of poorly or not treated hypo-thyroidism, if they try to medicate you for the cholesterol, first be sure to get your thyroid under control before you agree to take any cholesterol meds - especially 'statins' (they are VERY dangerous - I know from personal experience - check out dangers listed at:
      http://www.freewebs.com/stopped_our_statins/ )

      Any additional questions about your thyroid are better answered by talking to your endocrinologist or his nurse. If you are not satisfied with them - find a new Dr.

      Do your research.

      Good luck!

      It may seem overwhelming now - but it is manageable and once you get it all figured out, it is very simple to be 100% your old self again by simply popping your teeny little pill every day the way you are supposed to.

    Taking propylthiouracil for enlarged and overactive thyroid?
    I was diagonsed with slightly enlarged thyroid and was send to a specialist and given propylthiouracil in the mean time. I started taking it a week ago and have seen improvement on my symptoms, but I now have a sore throat. The patient information sheet that came with the medicine said that this meds can cuase low white blood cell development in the patient. Can my sore throat be more than a simple sore throat/cold thing? I call the dr's office and they said it can't be the meds becuase I have been on them for a week already, that the symptoms would have shown like in three days. Any help out there...I am freaked out....

    • ANSWER:
      Propylthiouracil can cause swelling of the lymph nodes which can cause a sore throat. However symptoms usually become evident in the first few days of taking the medication. If your syptoms developed a week later it is likely that you simply have a sore throat, flu, or cold. Low white blood cell count would not result in a sore throat and I'd say you have little to worry about.

    persistant sore throat?
    Hello, has anyone had a persistant sorethroat? My throat is not red, do not hurt when i swallow, and does not have a infection from the cultures my doctors done a couple months ago. This throat doctor wanted to take my tonsils out, he said my tonsils are a little enlarged, but he also do not see any infections. He gave me some antibiotics, but of course I do not have an infection so they did not work. He did not give me thorough exam, so he will not make money off of me for something that is not the issue. Im seeing another specialist at University of Pennsylvania Hosp. this month

    I did my own research and I think it maybe: Laryngitis, Mono, or Thyroid disease, my mom had thyroid surgery 2yrs go, so it may be hereditary.


    sore throat
    very slight ear ache (not often)
    weight gain/slow metabolism


    • ANSWER:

    What could be wrong with me?
    I am a 19 year old female, 5'9 and I currently weigh 165 pounds. In April, I weighed 140. I have gained 25 pounds in 4 months, I haven't had a period in 16 months. I walk between 5 and 15 miles a day and work out frequently. The weight is not muscle. Most, if not all of the weight, is being carried in my incredibly bloated stomach. I can't even stretch my shirts over my stomach by night time. I had an ultrasound and bloodwork done and everything is normal. Anyone have any suggestions as to what it may be?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a problem with the endocrine system.

      Have you had any other symptoms like feeling cold often, dry skin, decreased appetite, fatigue, constipation, brittle hair or hair loss? These symptoms would go along with hypothyroidism which also often interferes with menstrual cycles.

      Do you have any other health problems or take any medications? Some patients who take steroids for conditions like asthma, autoimmune disorders, or following an organ transplant will develop Cushing syndrome. Less commonly, Cushing syndrome can be caused by abnormalities with the hypothalamus or pituitary gland. Patients with Cushing syndrome develop a fuller "moon shaped" face and may develop a fat pad at the base of their neck in addition to truncal obesity. They also may complain of having easy bruising, weakness, and menstrual irregularity.

      The symptoms of hypothyroidism and Cushing syndrome can overlap considerably. I don't know what kind of blood work you have had done, but if you haven't had your thyroid checked, ask your doctor that he do so. It is a simple blood draw for two tests, a free T4 and a TSH. With Cushing syndrome, there are some abnormalities that may be seen on basic blood work, but to diagnose it requires more specialized testing and you might want to request to your doctor that you be referred to an endocrinologist.

      Other concerns would be an abdominal mass causing the abdominal fullness such as tumors of the female reproductive system or kidneys, like a teratoma or Wilms tumor. Many illnesses can cause the spleen to become enlarged, such as mononucleosis. This would be associated with recent symptoms of a sore throat, fatigue, enlarged lymph nodes or "neck glands", and possibly headaches. I have also seen longstanding constipation cause significant isolated abdominal bloating. As a group, abdominal masses are a less likely cause because the masses should be felt on physical examination and would be seen on ultrasound assuming they looked in the right places.

      Regardless of the cause, unless you have voluntarily made a significant change to your dietary habits or decrease in physical activity, what you are describing is not normal. I would recommend pursuing this until a cause is sorted out.

    Does anyone else get a choking feeling?
    I don't know what it is, i cant wear a necklace, my hair down or a collared or high top, if i do wear one of them i start dryreaching, especially in the cold weather... it feels as though someone has their hands around my neck, its been happening for the last 2 years, and the symptoms just came on suddenly one day. Its really starting to worry me and my fiance... i don't know if these symptoms can be included but i also feel exhausted, beyond the point of feeling like im going to pass out, at certain points in the day, especially after food. I get 8 hours or more a night and i still wake up exhausted, and on weekends no matter how much i sleep i just cant seem to get a satisfying nights sleep. I have poor concentration and if i'm thinking of something i can easily forget it within a minute of thinking it. I've looked on the net of possible causes, but they all seem way too extreme for me, and kinda scary. Can someone help me????

    • ANSWER:
      Have you had a thyroid checkup? I had a goiter because of not getting enough iodine in my diet. You get that from salt and some foods, such as shellfish ect. I was young when this happened to me. it can give you a choking sensation because its located right by your windpipe and if its enlarged it will cause these sensations. Feel in your throat right above the little hole above your collar bone is it large or tender? it can cause your problem. nodules in your throat can cause this too. Nothing can subsitute for good checkup. Go to a good throat , ear and nose specialist, get your tonsils and adenoids checked as well, you don't have to have a sore throat tohave tonsil enlargement. Get that good checkup! Good Health To You!

    symptoms of kidney or liver disfunction? I have absolutely zero energy and want to sleep too much?
    i am not jaundiced, i urinate regularly, although my stool has been very light colored lately, i don't have pain or discomfort in my abdomen...

    • ANSWER:
      First of all Yahoo! Answers is not the place to be getting serious medical advice. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE REALLY ILL GO TO A DOCTOR. If you are posting on this website several different things could be at play. 1. You may have a serious illness and need medical attention 2. You may only think you have an illness 3. Sometimes people want attention by believing they have an illness and talking about it. I'm not trying to offend anyone I just want to put this out there.

      That being said, if you are sick some things to ask your doctor would be if you perhaps have Epstein-Barr Virus better known as Mononucleosis , or the "Kissing Disease." This often presents itself with extreme fatigue, sore throat, lack of energy, and the desire to sleep too much. If you go to the doctor they can run a simple blood test to determine if you have Mono. If that is the case, take it easy Mono can sometimes cause your spleen to enlarge which can lead to many other problems. In some cases Mono can cause loss of appetite and weight loss. Mono usually goes away in a few months. (This does not mean wait it out.)

      As mentioned by another reader Thyroid gland function can manifest itself as fatigue and tiredness. Again, simple blood test.

      So can Lupus in some people. Other tests can be done for this.

      Fibromygalgia usually has symptoms simliar to Mono and lack of energy is one of them.

      Iron, B, and other nutrient deficient anemias cause fatigue. I am Iron deficient anemic and take prenatal vitamens to help this. It can also be helped by changes in diet.

      You could also simply just not be getting enough sleep or sleeping well. Your doctor can do a sleep study. You can determine if you're sleeping well or if staying up too late or not going to bed soon enough, drinking soda/coffee etc....

      Lack of energy and oversleeping can also be a sign of depresson. If you feel other thing like sad all the time or do not want to do anything. I beg you please go to someone and ask for help.

      I am not a doctor so I am only trying to give some ideas and not diagnose you. Please if you're really ill go to a physician. If you're worried about insurance or money most cities have some sort of a clinic you can go to. Good luck! : )

    I went to the doctor and was told I have an enlarged thyroid. My blood tests came back normal, and...?
    I am waiting for the results of my thyroid ultrasound. Unfortunatly, I am not finding out the results before the long holiday weekend. What could be wrong with me? I have bumps on my arms, and I had a sore throat last week. I don't know of any other symptoms that I am having. I do get tired, but I have a 9 month old son who still wakes up twice a night, so I should be tired. I am currently trying to have another child. Could this be a problem?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you have an infection of some kind and your glands are swelling up. the thyroid is a gland too. The doctor will be able to tell you exactly what it is

    I have had swollen lymph nodes in the neck for several months. Does anyone know why this could be? Anyone?
    Also I have had no sore throat! Just enlarged lymph glands! I have typed it in to search engines and AIDS comes up.. I know that I dont have AIDS. So any other sugggestions or someone who has gone through the same thing would be great to hear from

    • ANSWER:
      PLEASE see a doctor. The supraclavicular nodes [at the base of your ncek] are considered the sentinel nodes for Lymphoma. I know that first hand, as the same node [left side] on me was swollen. After seeing a few specialists, a surgeon was all set to remove my thyroid when he did a fine needle aspiration [biopsy] of that node. The rest is history. But hey, at least I'm here to tell it! I'm not trying to scare you, there are other things that could make that node swell too. You just need to know for sure. If it's something bad, there are good treatments out there. I'm 2 years post-treatment. Here's a good site for disease info, and to check if you have any other symptoms:
      Best Wishes

    I am afraid to sleep sometimes - Sleep Apnea?
    I wake up with a headache, sore teeth, stuffed up nose, tired - exhausted, dry mouth, and breathless.

    My husband says that I have started snoring, which is something I've never done before and it is getting louder and louder. He also says I grind my teeth sometimes and occasionally stop breathing for short periods of time.

    I eat right and excercise plus take care of 2 kids and run a business. However, when I step on the scale, same number!
    I've even been taking dietary suplements to boost my metabolism - no change!

    What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      I have sleep apnea
      I've had it sense I was 14 which is rare
      you are showing almost all the symptoms
      I suggest you see a Doctor right away
      they will most likely ask you participate in a sleep study so they can interpret your sleep pattern
      then it may be 1 or 2 weeks to get the results and your doctor will discuss with you where to go from there
      you may be placed on a breathing machine at night (nebulizer)
      and though sleep apnea is usually a weight related issue
      it can also be caused by trouble in the bronchi's- hints snoring- or asthma
      you may also have an issue with your thyroid as well due to the (and I'm assuming) weight issue sense your concerned about the scale
      the tyroid is near the bronchi's (if you slide your finger done your throat to the place in between your collar bones that is where you thyroid is you should be able to feel a grove) and if it is enlarged or there is a problem with it, it could be effecting your breathing and weight
      mention the weight issue to your doctor as well

    What could be wrong with these symptons/?
    I have been feeling very sick after eating and have bad stomach pains. Thoguh my parents make me eat anyway so i dont loose weight. I always feel extemely cold, my finger and toes inparticular, they are white too. I am extrememly tired, and never have any energy no matter how much sleep i get. I often wake in the night freezing or will wake sweating...
    Any ideas???
    My iron used to be low but is now fine, its not thyroid related. and my weight is relatilvy normal.

    • ANSWER:
      People with chronic fatigue syndrome exhibit signs and symptoms similar to those of most common viral infections. Unlike flu (influenza) symptoms, which usually subside in a few days or weeks, the signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome can last for months or years. They may come and go frequently with no identifiable pattern.

      Primary signs and symptoms
      In addition to persistent fatigue, not caused by other known medical conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome has eight possible primary signs and symptoms. These include:

      Loss of memory or concentration
      Sore throat
      Painful and mildly enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or armpits (axillae)
      Unexplained muscle soreness
      Pain that moves from one joint to another without swelling or redness
      Headache of a new type, pattern or severity
      Sleep disturbance
      Extreme exhaustion after normal exercise or exertion
      According to the International Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study Group — a group of scientists, researchers and doctors brought together by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to determine a standard method for defining and diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome — a person meets the diagnostic criteria of chronic fatigue syndrome when unexplained persistent fatigue occurs for six months or more with at least four of the eight primary signs and symptoms also present.

      Additional signs and symptoms
      In addition, people with chronic fatigue syndrome have reported other various signs and symptoms that aren't part of the official definition of chronic fatigue syndrome determined by the International Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study Group. These include:

      Abdominal pain
      Alcohol intolerance
      Chest pain
      Chronic cough
      Dry eyes and mouth
      Irregular heartbeat
      Jaw pain
      Morning stiffness
      Night sweats
      Psychological problems, such as depression, irritability, anxiety disorders and panic attacks
      Shortness of breath
      Tingling sensations
      Weight loss
      If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, your symptoms may peak and become stable early on, and then come and go over time. Some people go on to recover completely, while others grow progressively worse

    Hyperthyroidism Symptons (overactive Thyroid) how many of these affect your daily life?
    The type of complaints that characterise Hyperthyroidism - an overactive thyroid gland:

    Palpitations, fast pulse and irregular heartbeat *
    Trembling and twitches *
    Heat intolerance *
    Hot flushes and increased sweating *
    Increased appetite (or loss of appetite) *
    Weight loss (especially if eating well) *Diarrhoea
    Anxiety, nervousness and/or panic attacks *
    Restlessness *
    Irritabilty *
    Thin, moist skin *
    Soft, thinning hair *
    Shortness of breath
    Muscle weakness *
    Insomnia *
    Enlarged thyroid gland *
    Eye complaints (especially gritty or bulging eyes)
    Fatigue, exhaustion and lack of energy *
    Menstrual cycle disturbances (intermittent and light)
    Depression and mood swings *

    Bowel disorders
    Brittle nails *
    Chest pain
    Cramps *
    Decreased libido
    Easy bruising *
    Hair loss *
    Headaches and migraines
    Sore throat *
    Swelling of legs

    I Have placed a * next to the symptons that I am most affected by on what it seems a daily basis

    • ANSWER:
      I seem to have pretty much all of these symptoms and I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist next month. My symptoms affect every part of my life. My worst symptom is my inability to sleep or feel rested when I do. It's very difficult to function from day to day.

    hyperthyroidism mcq from step 1?
    A 45-year-old woman presents to her physician because of a severe "sore throat." Physical examination demonstrates fever and an extremely tender, enlarged thyroid gland, but no throat erythema. Serum thyroid studies demonstrate a mild degree of hyperthyroidism. Two months later, the patient is asymptomatic, and thyroid function tests have returned to normal. She never again experiences difficulty with her thyroid function. Which of the following was the most likely cause of her hyperthyroidism?
    A. Diffuse nontoxic goiter
    B. Graves disease
    C. Hashimoto thyroiditis
    D. Subacute granulomatous thyroiditis
    E. Subacute lymphocytic thyroiditis

    • ANSWER:
      The answer is D.

      This patient most likely has subacute granulomatous (de Quervain's) thyroiditis, which frequently develops after a viral infection. Microscopically, it is characterized by microabscess formation within the thyroid, eventually progressing to granulomatous inflammation with multinucleated giant cells. Clinically, patients may experience fever, sudden painful enlargement of the thyroid, and/or symptoms of transient hyperthyroidism. The disease usually abates within 6 to 8 weeks.

    Please HELP ME! I have seen numerous doctors, and specialists....?
    It all started in January with dizziness, and tingling around my temporal area(left side) It caused me to get rather alarmed when it would happen out of no where. I could be sitting down watching T.V. than start to feel like I am going to pass out. Bad lightheadedness. Well, I ended up getting a CT. Which showed sinusitis. So I was given an antibiotic. Well, than it came back. Without looking into it, my doctor gave me another antibiotic. Than things got ugly. I had bad insomnia, irritiable, fatique, body aches, headaches, and tingling throughout my arms and legs. Than I get an MRI. It showed sinusitis again, a fluid filled cyst on my sinus, and my pituitary gland was enlarged(due to having a child 7 months prior) Well I was put on my 3rd antibiotic. From this point I was frustrated, I wanted to get to the bottom of it. Things only got worse. They prescribed my citalpram, thinking possible post partum. On account of the fact that I was calling daily, and wanted to get answers. By this point...yes my anxiety was very high! Well I seen a heart specialist who gave me an EKG and ECHO. Both were fine. I was told it is okay to have resting pulse between 90-100. Some people do. Well, the light headedness, body aches, preassure headaches, tingling, nausea, increased bowel movements and urination did not subside. By July I was dead set on the fact I was going to die. I didnt get more than 4 hours of rest for over a month, and my body had all it could do to get up, little lone take care of my son. I am 23 by the way. So I looked into things myself. Than I found MS, and HYPERTHYROID. Both matching my symptoms. Well, the doctor said it was not MS. On account of the fact that there were no abnormalties on the MRI. So I persued an Endocrinologist. Who had a busy schedule. So I had to wait 2 months. Well, by the end of July, I was convinced I was not only dying. But, going crazy. I couldnt remember how to get home from the hospital(I have lived in my town my whole life) I was easily confused, would forget what I was saying mid sentence. Now my doctore had me stop Citalopram. The symptoms did not subside. I tried malotonin to sleep, and it barely helped. Also inbetween all this I seen an ENT who said my thyroids were inlarged...and thats how I also got the MRI script. Anyways...I got a sore throat now which wasnt normal...lasted weeks, so an ergicare prescribed me my fourth antibiotic. Mind you I hate drugs. But if need be, I believe you got to do what you got to do. I figured I didnt have any other option. I was not getting any answers. So I assumed I had accute sinusitis. But didnt get why I had the other syptoms. Well...now here it is August 15th, the symptoms are not gone. I now have panic attacks every hour....they wake me from sleep, and dont allow me to sleep, my body feels extremely tense, and im thinking its over. I go to my OBGYN about post partum. He said I was in a state of manic. Even if I was ill or sick, I should be able to control my feelings. I was crying all the time, uncontrollably. I honestly am not trying to make any digs. But I am not one to cry, I have a high pain tolerance, and If I do cry...highly unusual for it to be around people. I know this is alot of suff. But I cant think of anything else, and I still have a little more to tell. I was than admitted to a psyche hospital. They put me on Lemectel(thinking bi polar, because the depressant did not work...usually indicating bi polar) than clonozapam for anxiety 0.5mg 2 times a day, and quitipine( amood stabilizer, that also helped me sleep) After this I was the best I had been since January for 3 weeks. Than I started getting suicidal. So I had stopped the Lemectel. Everything was okay again for a week or two. Than I was crashing off and on. But inbetween, I stopped clonozopam. She told me it was safe to take as needed. I was scared i would be come dependent on it. Well, than I started getting nauseous, and lightheaded again. Thinking it was my acid reflux I took my omalzapraz. But it didnt do a thing. Well after a few days, I took the clonozapam, and it was gone. Might I add I had some stress also. My boyfriend is controlling about what I wear, who I talk to and does not like my family(vis versa) and my son is very hard to take care of by myself. So I left a four year relationship after I left St.Lukes. It was fine for a bit. But his father still would text me and make me feel like a bad mom. Because I was ruining my sons life. Causing a broken home. He always was good at manipulating things. But, agfter awhile that stressed me. I love his dad. But, I want to be alive and healthy for our son. I went back to him Oct 16th and things have spun out of control. I am alone for the most part, aside my son.Well, all the syptoms have returned, the headaches are worse, and I am on Ziprasondon HCL now and found out I have sinusitis. So am taking Amox-Clav 875mg. After taking it yesterday my sypmtoms came back so fast. I was dead set that it was the med.
    But I called my doctor, and they said it does not cause anxiety syptoms. So my question is, am I still being miss diagnosed, or am I causing myself horrible anxiety, because I am that afraid of antibiotics? After what happened throughout this whole year, the only connection between it all is antibiotics. Also here is a trippy catch I seen another ENT a week ago who looked at my previous CT and MRI, he claimed I did not have sinus issues in any of them, and my symptoms now do not sound sinus related. So I am very confused. However I got a new CT yesterday and both sides look like sinusitis. The ER said it, and my doctor agreed. So I was told even after telling my nurse what the ENT said to take it anyway. The xrays show I need it. So, If I am taking all these antibiotics, can they cause severe mental issues? I am very worried at this point. Because I have no answers. But physically I do not feel right at all. I also saw a nuerologist last week and I have to do some labs, EEG, and the Ta
    But I called my doctor, and they said it does not cause anxiety syptoms. So my question is, am I still being miss diagnosed, or am I causing myself horrible anxiety, because I am that afraid of antibiotics? After what happened throughout this whole year, the only connection between it all is antibiotics. Also here is a trippy catch I seen another ENT a week ago who looked at my previous CT and MRI, he claimed I did not have sinus issues in any of them, and my symptoms now do not sound sinus related. So I am very confused. However I got a new CT yesterday and both sides look like sinusitis. The ER said it, and my doctor agreed. So I was told even after telling my nurse what the ENT said to take it anyway. The xrays show I need it. So, If I am taking all these antibiotics, can they cause severe mental issues? I am very worried at this point. Because I have no answers. But physically I do not feel right at all. I also saw a nuerologist last week and I have to do some labs, EEG, and the Ta
    ble tilt. I just want to do if antibiotcs, or anxiety itself can do all this? Or if there is something else I should push my doctor to look into. I left out that the endocrinologist found nothing wrong. My Vitamin D was two points low. But nothing out of the normal. Sorry for the doubles...Yahoo...was having an issue when I submitted. Thanks again, for any answers.

    • ANSWER:

    Could i have mono? Or diabetes?
    I have Been tired lately with no energy, i have been sleeping alot, i have been getting headaches recently too, i have a little bit of a sore throat and some flem. I am 5 10 and 185 so maybe a little overweight, and diabetes runs in my family. I have not had any thirst or been urinating alot so i dont know what it is. Or could i just be growing? I am 16.

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely see a doctor, and be sure to have your glucose and thyroid checked. Main symptoms of diabetes are thirst, hunger, frequent urination and weight loss. Main symptoms of mono are low grade fever, enlarged lymph nodes (is your neck bigger?), headaches and fatigue. What you complain of definitely calls for a visit to the doctor (or NP, or PA). Hope you feel better.

    Possible Symptoms Of Hyperthyroidism?
    Lately Ive had the following symptoms:
    Feeling hungry all the time
    Hair thinning
    Shaky hands
    Increased Menstural periods

    What do you think if you are health care pro or dealth with this?
    I guess I should get to a Doc.

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a full list of symptoms for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. The best thing is to go see your doctor. A few simple blood tests will tell you if you have hyperthyroidism. Put your mind at ease, go see your doctor!

      Good luck!

      Hyperthyroidism - Overactive thyroid condition

      Breathing Difficulties (shortness of breath)
      Dyslexia (difficulty with reading, calculating, thinking)
      Erratic behavior, Excessive mood swings
      Eye problems (blurring; double vision; gritty, achy, dry, irritated
      red eyes; bulging eyes; light sensitivity; jumpy eyes; watery eyes)
      Fatigue (all the time, despite sleep sufficiency)
      Fertility problems
      Goiter (enlarged thyroid gland)
      Hair problems ( thinning and loss, textural changes)
      Hearing disabilities (tinnitus, ear ringing among them)
      High blood pressure
      High cholesterol
      Hypersensitivity to heat (heat intolerance)
      Increased appetite
      Increased frequency of stools (without diarrhea)
      Increased sweating
      Insomnia or restless sleep
      Low resistance to infections
      Menstrual changes (flow, duration)
      Mental challenges (forgetfulness, brain fog, uncontrollable rages)
      Muscle weakness (arm triceps, leg quadriceps)
      Nail problems
      Osteoporosis (demineralization and weakening of the bones)
      Palpitations (rapid, forceful or irregular heart beats)
      PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
      Sexual dysfunction (low drive in both sexes, impotence in men)
      Skin Changes (rashes, dry, itchy, patchy)
      Swelling (facial, eye or leg)
      Tachycardia (rapid heart beat)
      Throat problems (difficulty swallowing, sore throat)
      Tremors (shaking hands)
      Voice changes (hoarse, husky)
      Weakness (overall, all the time)
      Weight fluctuation (gain or more commonly loss, 6-10 lbs.)
      Hypothyroidism - Underactive thyroid condition

      Allergies (developing or worsening)
      Breathing difficulties (shortness of breath, chest tightness)
      Cold body temperature (feeling cold too)
      Constipation (not usually relieved with the usual aids)
      Dizziness (often accompanied with vertigo)
      Eye problems (bulging eyes; gritty, dry, achy, blurry, irritated, red eyes; light sensitivity; double vision; jumpy eyes)
      Facial puffiness (eyes, lids too)
      Fatigue (despite sleep sufficiency)
      Fertility problems (miscarriage too)
      Goiter (enlarged thyroid gland)
      Hair problems (coarse, dry texture) (hypothyroid hair loss: head and outer edge of eyebrow )
      Hearing disabilities (tinnitus, ear ringing)
      High cholesterol levels
      Infections (less resistance to them)
      Low blood pressure
      Menstrual changes (flow, duration)
      Mental Challenges (brain fog, lack of focus, concentration)
      Mood changes
      Muscle and joint aches (severe, especially hands and feet)
      Nail problems (dry, brittle)
      PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
      Sexual dysfunction (low drive in both sexes, impotence in men)
      Skin changes (dry, itchy, patchy)
      Sleep apnea (lapses of breath while sleeping) and snoring
      Slow pulse
      Throat problems (swallowing difficulty)
      Voice changes (hoarse, husky)
      Weakness (overall, all the time)
      Weight fluctuation (gain or loss)

    Will they remove my thyroid or the thyroid nodule or do nothing?
    I have an enlarged lymph node, about the size of a quarter on my neck. A surgeon did a needle biopsy and there was no sign of cancer. I also have noticeably swollen lymph nodes behind my ears, about the size of peas. My doctor also said my lymph nodes were slighly enlarged in my armpits. My general doctor also found a very small nodule on my thyroid, so small that they had to do an ultrasound to make sure what she was feeling was actually there. The surgeon told me that he was relatively sure it was not lymphoma and if it was it would be very treatable because it would be in the very very early stages. He also did not think my lymph nodes were related to my thyroid because he said sometimes when it's thyroid cancer it will spread to the neck lymph nodes, but since I had other lypmh nodes swollen that was unlikely that the two were related. (I am still not sure I agree completley with the fact that my other lymph nodes were swollen...because I was sick when I saw him and it would be normal to have all my lymphnodes swollen somewhat... and I only extremely noticeable ones that won't go away on my neck) Anyways, I have been having a sore throat for like three weeks, and a hoarse voice that comes and goes, which I have only had once or twice in my life before this. A surgeon (who I actually never saw, that just reviewed the ultrasound) said the lump on my thyroid was to small for her to even do a biopsy so she is referring me to an endrocronologist. My question is, since the nodule is so small will they or could they even do anything even though I am having all the signs and symptoms of a thyroid nodule?

    • ANSWER:
      They will likely continue to monitor it with a yearly/ bi-yearly ultrasound. Surgeons tend to leave alone nodules that are not bothersome.

    Swollen tonsils + throat growth?
    Hi everyone. I usually get sick very rarely, but over the past two months, I've had to truck it to the doctor's once because I had enormous sinus pressure and just recently, about two weeks ago, I came down with the flu, which was bad for 24 hrs but got increasingly better over a few days. A few days ago, I noticed a lump, about a pistachio size on the left side of my neck. Then, yesterday, each side of my throat (not the throat itself) became achy. It doesn't hurt, but when I look in the mirror, the left tonsil seems enlarged while the right one seems a little inflamed, too. When I shine a light to see into my throat, I can see numerous red veins and there seems to be a fleshy, sort of white growth. All the symptoms for tonsillitis say extremely sore throat which I don't have. I've never had any type of sexual contact with another person so I don't think it's an throat infection from an STD unless I got it from sipping from the same glass as other friends. I just feel a little more tired than usual and some pressure in my chest.

    I know I should see a doctor but she is going to think I'm one of those hypochondriacs! I mean, three times in less than 2 months?! I'm scared all these sicknesses are a sign of a bigger problem.

    Have any of you had these symptoms before?

    • ANSWER:
      Dear kizzie,
      Are you sure your tonsils are inflamed? Maybe you have a reduced function of your thyroid glands. They are just next to the tonsils. This would also fit to your symptom to be more tired than usual.
      Then some food rich of iodine like sea-weed or shells (the edible part of course) could help. If you don’t like this also some iodine pills would help. It is just a vital mineral you take with this. So, if you don’t take too much you don’t have to worry about side-effects.
      Normally all the food contains some Iodine, but maybe too less in your case.
      Iodine is the main part of the hormone thyroxin which is responsible for your general body’s activity.

      If you use a microwave oven – better cook your food the “normal” way.
      I seldom ate such food. But when I did my stomach always felt a bit strange and the food was not satisfying my hungry stomach and also a bit weak. I’m conscious I’m very sensitive to non-natural things.

      Do you have an immunization against diphtheria? If your state becomes really serious you should consider this and go a doctor or first inform about further symptoms of diphteria. I just try to consider everything about your symptoms. At present I don’t think you have this infection. But at least I would watch especially the growth and the hardness of your thyroid glands - so you are prepared to react quickly and the best way.

      I hope I my lines can help you.

      yours André :-)

    Does this sound like I have mono?
    Hi, I am a 15 year old male and I believe that I may have mono. It all started about a month ago when I went into the doctor because I was having trouble sleeping, and I was told that I most likely have hyperthyroidism, due to the large goiter on my neck. It turned out that I was actually hypothyroid, and I would have to come in regularly to get my blood checked and possibly be put on medication. However, when I went back into the doctors office, they said my thyroid was in the normal activity range, just very enlarged. I found this very strange because I have been feeling very tired all the time since this whole thing started. Anyways, I was just wondering if I had mono because for the first time today I have been really really really listless. Also, my sleep pattern if very funny, like I go to bed at 8 pm and wake up at 12 am and go back to bed at 4 am and wake up at like 7 am. The doctor said that my spleen was slightly perturbing, and that it could be due to mono or not. I was just wondering If I could have mono because I don't have the usually symptom of having a sore throat. I am however very tired as of recently and really ichy. Also, can having mono cause your thyroid to become enlarged, because I heard that it could. Lastly the doctor said that having this problem could potentially stunt my growth, is this true?
    also, as far as symptoms go, i do occasionally get light headed and have a headache ( although it may be from my contacts)

    • ANSWER:
      No, you are right, it doesn't sound like mono, although if the dr. thinks that might be what is wrong, he should do a blood test, as it would show up in a blood test.

    Should I go to school?
    Mono is flying around my school. Righ now my throat is KILLING me(and it is not cold outside or anything)- but I feel 100% fine on everything else. My temp is slightly elevated 97.3--98.6 (I run low due to a thyroid issue. My lympth nodes are slightly enlarged. I have a slightly stuffy nose but I think that is more alergy related. With my schedule today I can afford to miss- orchestra and French 1. I really can not get mono right now (the first symptom is a very sore throat). I don't think I have mono... yet. It seems like it has flu like symptoms that go with it. If I stayed home and rested today could I possibly avoid getting sicker? I just can't afford to be sick right now. Should I stay home because I am getting sick and try and nip this in the bud before it gets worth.
    all of my symptoms started last night

    • ANSWER:
      you first of all don't get too much worried.
      Try to distract yourself. More you think about it you would get more sick.
      Gargle and go to school. If you don't feel well You can ask with your teacher and rest there.

    sore throat only at night?
    I have been getting a sore throat only late at night and goes away a little after waking up. I am a smoker. I just got over a sinus infection a couple of weeks ago. During the day it is fine. I have a severe amount of pain, trouble swallowing, swollen nodes, and a cough when I lay down. The strange part is that it goes away during the day. I know others have asked similar questions, but they have different symptoms than I do. I have searched google, but have yet to find anything conclusive. I thought some of you could help me out. I live in a small town and it is going to take a while to get in to see my doc. Thanks ahead of time.

    • ANSWER:
      It could be your thyroid. I used to have some of those problems (no coughing though) and it was my thyroid. My thyroid was sluggish. It has taken several years to really get it right with my doctors. I am attaching a link for you to check out. In short, your thyroid produces the hormones that make your body work properly. If you don't make enough, or you make too much of this hormone it wrecks havoc on your body, mental functioning and your emotions.

      It could also be that you are not completely over your cold or that you have allergies. I think that your lymph nodes typically are only enlarged after/durning an infection. However I am not completely sure about that.

      Attached is a link relating to thyroid problems.

      Hope you feel better soon.

    Mono with hardly any symptoms?
    I've been having a hard time staying awake for the past month or two, along with some fatigue, so my therapist suggested I get some blood tests done because maybe I had a thyroid problem. No thyroid issue, but I was diagnosed with mono.

    Long story short, I feel OKAY, still kind of tired, but no sore throat or any other symptoms of mono. Is it possible I had mono for the past month and just now found out, so it's already starting to go away?

    And also, is it dangerous to have sex? I know the enlarged spleen is an issue, just wondering if anyone's done it.

    • ANSWER:
      Some people get no symptoms at all from mono, some people get knocked flat for months, and most people fall somewhere inbetween. If you have an enlarged spleen, you will have pain in your lower left abdomen, toward the side or back. There would be obvious tenderness if you pressed in this area. If you don't feel any pain in this region, you don't have an enlarged spleen and you have nothing to worry about. If you do have an enlarged spleen you may still be infectious, so you might pass it on to your partner.

    Thyroid problems frustrated?
    Okay I went to the doctor for a yearly check up figured I would have all my blood work done as well. She noticed my throid was enlarged on the right side. My tsh came back and was low .251 L uiu/mL. So I went to see an endocrin. Test came back t4 and t3 were normal but my thyroid antibodies are elevated. She wants to see me in six months. Oh I had an ultrasound as well and results were enlarged diffusely abnormal thyroid, no discrete or dominant thyroid nodule. Anyways my frustration is I didnt have any symptoms prior going to the doctor. Now I sometimes feel like I have a lump in my throat and is hard to swollow. I am thinking this is more from anxiety because I have didnt have this prior to knowing. Am I just suppose to wait 6 months until my throid is completely distroyed? Should I just wait 6 months and see what happens or should I get a second opinion.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes I would get a second opinion. I had a similar experience and had my right thyroid removed, now all my test are normal. I still have to keep a close watch on my t-uptake levels etc. But luckily they removed the right side before it could grow in size and cause potential damage to something else. I did have a nodule though. If they decide to remove it, the surgury is not that bad you just have a sore throat for about a week and 1/2. I have no side effects. The scar is barely visable. But I would def. check into a second opinion. Esp. if that dr didn't put you on any meds. because if your thyroid isn't working properly it effects alot of different functions in your body including fertility.

    Too soon for pregnancy symptoms? wtf is going on with me?
    Ok, the last time I had my period was july 6th, but I missed the ENTIRE month of June when I was supposed to get it on the 16th. I did take a few HPT's in june when I was so late, and negative. I even went to planned parenthood and the dr did an internal exam and told me that my uterus was slightly enlarged and i have no signs of any STD's or infections. She also told me to come in for a pregnancy blood test if i didn't get my period in 10 days, and i wound up getting it the day before the 10th day. But, I NEVER EVER have missed an entire month except when I was pregnant with my son 3 1/2 years ago.

    So, For the past 2 days I feel completely depleted of any/all energy. I have also been getting waves of nausea bad. I have zero appetite, and when I do get some what of an appetite I eat one bite of something and feel sick again. Most food smells have also been making me feel nauseous. (yesterday when my fiance cooked breakfast, and then again just now at an italian restaurant.. I couldn't even eat what I ordered which was just a bowl of pasta and sauce.)

    I am SO tired. ALL i wanna do is rest/lay around/or sleep which is VERY unlike me.

    Also, I have been getting stomach aches.. like high up in my stomach.. more like cramps because they come and go and are not consistent.

    I don't think i am sick with anything.. no fever/coughing/sore throat/vomiting/diarrhea/etc.
    I went to the ER twice last month for a possible thyroid issue but everything came back fine.

    SO, what could be going on with my body? Can i be pregnant from missing June? I did get my period on the 6th of this month and it lasted the full 5 days like normal. Do I wait and see if I get it August 6th or around there? I did have sex since my period ended on the 12th. I had sex on the 12th and up until yesterday the 17th., So.. could I have gotten pregnant withing 5 days and I am experiencing sign's so very early? I have heard that some women get VERY early signs a week or so after conception.

    help plz! advice! I am going crazy! The appetite thing and smells making me sick is whats really got me thinking I am pregnant.. I usually never turn down food (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

    • ANSWER:
      why dont you quit with the panic mode and go get a pregnancy blood test? if thats negative, then you need to see you're doctor about a severe hormone imbalance. The ER gives you a basic blood test, go see a specialist, they will run more in depth tests :)

    What could this be?? Some diease?
    Well it all started when I went on vacation to Mexico and I thought when I came back and felt sick it was because I caught something on vacation. I was really sick then and went back to the hospital like 6 times. Here I am about 4-5 years later and have alot of the same symptoms that I had before. It is driving me nuts to figure out what it is. I have went to the ER like 2 times and have a doctors appointment with my PC tomorrow. Hopefully I will get this figured out soon. My symptoms are I get muscles pains and weakness. I get it in my arms, legs, everywhere. It starts where my balance is off and my vision is off along wiht the muscle issues. I have had muscles issues off and on the last 4-5 years, but it feels like i have flare ups. I will get lower back pain that moves up my back and get sharp pains here and there. My breathing also gets thrown off and I feel like my throat is tight. When I swollow I feel like something is enlarged of something. I have been checked for my thyroid and was told it is not that. my neck feels stiff, feels like I always have to crack it. when my chest feels tight when I have this flare up or whatever it is, I will get chest pain here and there. The muscles in my fingers will even hurt sometimes. I also will get a sore throat sometimes maybe from coughing to try and clear my airway. My vision also goes off and I get headaches, but those are the beginning symptoms that get better, then it goes into lower back pain, and chest tightness and muscle pain. I feel like it is the flu or something. But it feels different then the normal flu too. Can anyone help me and tell me what it might be or what I should ask my doctor tomorrow to test for. Thanks for all your help.

    • ANSWER:
      All of the symptoms you list are possible symptoms of a lot of disorders. When it interferes with your life, most likely there is a dysfunction physiologically occurring. Some of the conditions that come to mind are fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, and multiple sclerosis. Do you ever have a fever? Do you have any underlying medical conditions like diabetes? It's hard to say without knowing more information. Be sure to journal all of your symptoms, the times of the attacks, what you ate or drank, what you were doing at the time it came on, is it sudden or gradual, the type of pain (i.e. sharp, burning, like electricity, spasms, etc.) Also be sure to explain how it is affecting you, if you have difficulty climbing stairs, household chores, etc. The other thing that I would wonder is if you have ever been bitten by a tick. Lyme's disease can be chronic and as time progresses things can get much worse. Sometimes they don't find the invader because they didn't get it into the vial when the test was done. Another autoimmune disorder that can be triggered by trauma such as a needle stick or viral/bacterial infection if you have the gene is systemic lupus erythematosus. Be sure to document everything and explain the way you did here your desperation for an answer. Good luck with everything and if you'd like you can message me as I'd like to know how you are doing.

    Menstrual Cycles lasting for over a year? Since age 13.?
    My menstrual has been like this since the age of 13. I sometimes would have a long break of 7 months without a menstrual other times it'll come back quickly. Sometimes the least my menstrual will last it 1 month or 2. The shortest is 1 1/2week I was prescribed BC pills at about age 14-15 due to the prolong bleeding. During the BC pills I began to clot. Not sure if they were the reason for the clotting. Clotting was bad. I was born with anemia and swollen lymph nodes. The lymph nodes (that are swollen or enlarged) are located behind the ears and a big one behind the neck. They haven't changed since I was 6. The front of my neck possibly thyroid or voice box is a bit large and uncomfortable at times. I get sore throats quickly. I have been shedding lots of hair lately. I thought that could be from hair growth, but not sure. My scalp has been itching after I was it 2x (started a few days ago) I know it seems like many complaints, but doctors say this is all normal and that my hormones are just "jumping" (Yes, I've heard that from 2 different doctors.) My doctors were great. I had gotten blood work done and paps. Nothing but anemia. I am 24. I've gone to doctors in Philly and NJ same responses. Sorry if this is so long but please read or help. Is this really normal? If not how can I get my physicians to look further into this? Thank you I really appreciate it. Sorry for the grammar.
    Thank you very much! No I have not been tested for anything else but hemoglobin levels. It is pretty scary especially being born with some of these symptoms and getting the others at a very young age. No my hair is shedding, causing itchiness even when hair and scalp are clean. I'm sorry for your diagnosis, I hope things get better for you. I'm here in Austin now the doctors actually listen here and run testes. I get another blood test result in a few weeks, I can possibly tell him these things. I'm so used to being to it's normal so I shy away from complaining, but I want children so this is the last straw.
    Thank you for your response! It means a lot to me.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you been tested for an underactive thyroid? I have Hashimotos & one of the first symptoms that alerted my doc was the heavy periods; irregular with clotting. Was a nightmare & had to wear a tampon & a night-time towel together to stop it all soaking through!
      Hair loss is another symptom of thyroid disease as is a swollen neck & swallowing difficulties & the hoarse or sore throat.
      Your list sounds like too many conincidences to me. Make sure your doc tests you for this as thyroid disease can really make you very unwell & it's important that it's treated.

    Please help me. Serious!?
    IM 15 and im scared i have throat cancer! I have never smoked nor drank. Every morning when i wake up, my throat hurts. My neck was hurting and my lymph nodes were swollen.

    I've had a cold for a month. Ive taken penicillen V for my sore throat. It did not seem to help. I have had my tonsils removed when i was a child.

    I did have a lymphnode biopsy in my neck when i was 11. The lymphnode was enlarged and proved to be nothing serious.

    I am quite worried and i would appreciate it if i got the best information possible. Much thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      You need another lymph node biopsy. If the nodes do not respond to antibiotics, then something else is making them swell. Now, there are many reasons why lymph nodes swell, but the only way to rule out something bad is a biopsy. If it is something bad, try not to worry, there are good treatments out there. I started with only one swollen lymph node at the base of my neck. I went to ENT, gastro, and even a surgeon. Blood tests showed nothing. No one knew it was Lymphoma until the node was biopsied. The surgeon was preparing to remove my thyroid and, oh by the way, it was Lymphoma.
      Check this site for disease info and to see if you have any other symptoms [esp. itching and night sweats]
      Best wishes

    Can low Iron cause this?!!?!!??! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
    For the last 3 weeks, I've been ridiculously tired. (The last week or so, I've been sleeping between 14-16 hours a day.) I've had a really sore throat for a long time.
    I went to the doctor, and he told me my spleen was enlarged, and that he suspected Mono. He sent me to get blood work done. It came back NEGATIVE to Mono. I was on the phone with the nurse today, and she told me that my iron level is extremely low.

    Could low iron really cause me to feel so tired?!
    Like, not being able to get out of bed?
    My mom thinks that I had mono and I'm getting over it now, and that's why it didn't show up in the blood test. I'm waiting for my doctor to call back to discuss in detail.
    I'm just worried now that it could be something worse?
    Do you think low iron is the cause for my fatigue?
    (As well as sore muscles.)

    • ANSWER:
      Hey there ,

      sounds like Hypo-thyroidism ?

      Do some GOOOOGLING & look at the symptoms and ask your Docter If you can have a new bloodtest to check your thyroid!

      ok , ALL THE BEST!!!

    Do you think I may have a thyroid problem?
    Hello, I'm 17 and I found out I had high blood pressure about 3 months ago. They were never able to find the cause, they tried a Doppler/ultrasound on my kidneys, and an MRI done. Nothing turned up so they put me on a beta-blocker.

    Well about a week ago I got what felt like a charlie horse in my throat! It felt sore for an hour or so, but went away and I had no more problems. Well last night before I went to bed I had that same sore feeling in my throat, and it began to feel uncomfortable to swallow. I thought I could sleep it off, but it's still here today?

    Other symptoms I have been recently having is sweaty palms, I actually went to the dermatologist 2 days ago because my hands started peeling like crazy. This is probably irrelevant but I thought I would include this.

    Any thoughts? :/
    Well I definitely sweat a lot, I bought a personal fan for my room because it's always hot in the house. But my family keeps the thermostat at 79 in the summer, so it could just be that.

    As far as difficulty concentrating and fatigue, I mean I'm a teenager so I always feel tired and lazy, so I'm not sure about this.

    I just got off a normal period, nothing off with that. Bowel movements seem normal too.

    Mainly it's just this tight swelling feeling in my throat that won't go away.
    And the dermatologist just prescribed me some cream and lotion to use on my hands.

    • ANSWER:
      The most common symptoms of hyperthyroidism are:

      Difficulty concentrating
      Frequent bowel movements
      Goiter (visibly enlarged thyroid gland) or thyroid nodules
      Heat intolerance
      Increased appetite
      Increased sweating
      Irregular menstrual periods in women
      Weight loss (rarely, weight gain)

      besites sweaty palms, do you have any of these symptoms? (high blood pressure can occur in hyperthyroidism) If you do, you might have hyperthyroidism.
      And what did the dermatologist tell you?

      EDIT: well you don't seem to have any thyroid dysfunction symptoms. I think your thyroid gland is working fine.
      You basically just have a sore throat but I can't tell why. You need to have some tests done. good luck!

    Multiple Symptoms of thyroid disease but all test were normal?
    I have been going through several signs of Hypothyroid for about a 1 1/2 and have had several test and US and they all have come back normal except multiple cyst on both sides of my thyroid as well as it is enlarged. The symptoms have ranged from excessive weight gain, fatigue, heart palpitations, coarse hair and my skin around my nails have gotten thick and crack, sores in my mouth and I could go on on. Went to several Endo's and they have said that my thyroid is very enlarged with bilateral cyst. But there is one symptom that is getting worse. I feel like there is something in my throat and cant swallow or that I'm being choked and at times it gets very bad like I cant breath and if I try having a conversation I will lose my voice almost immediately and then it will all subside. Oh and some soreness or pain in my neck. Looking for anyone who has gone through the same thing and can offer some insight or advice. I have been try to read everything I can and the Endo I have now is good so far, willing to listen and that is a first. It is frustrating to have all this and have all the test come back normal when you are already trying to tell your self that you are not crazy.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, the first thing to do is to get your labs and go over them yourself. For one thing, the lab values that are being considered hypothyroid have changed dramatically in the last few years. I had my thyroid checked and my doc said it was fine, but being a nurse, I want to look at every test, so I looked them up myself and found out that they were using an outdated scale. I was well into the range of hypothyroidism. That's number one. Also, physicians are now starting to recognize subclinical hypothyroidism, which is where you have all the symptoms, but your labs are normal. I went to a new physician after the thing with the labs and she insisted on checking my lab values again, so she drew blood for them that day and as I was leaving she handed me a prescription for thyroid medicine. And I'm sitting there like, um, I can't believe she just took my word for it. So I asked and she said that she could tell my thyroid was low just based on my body temperature. I run about 97.0. She said that anything below 98.0 is highly suggestive of thyroid dysfunction.

      The second thing you need to look into is the fact that something else may be at work here. I personally have celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease caused by gluten intolerance, that among other things destroys your thyroid. I had the symptoms of hypothyroidism long before my labs dipped below the cut off for a hypo diagnosis. Since I started on the gluten free diet my thyroid levels have actually gone back to normal. It can cause all of those symptoms too even if your thyroid isn't the cause. I have an enlarged thyroid with cysts too. You can speak to your doctor about this, although with that many symptoms, you might be able to try a gluten free diet on your own to see if it relieves your symptoms. Here are a few links about celiac disease and it's link to thyroid problems:


      I'm a nurse and I accept private messages if you have any questions :-)

    How would you diagnose swollen lymph nodes and an enlarged thyroid?
    About a month ago I noticed lumps along my throat. There were some under my jaw line and a few others under my adam's apple. They got progressively bigger and more visible, but were never very sore. Yesterday, the entire base of my throat swelled up, my voice became horse and it was difficult to swallow. Today it's still pretty puffy but the pain is not as severe. I also noticed two small, hard lumps under my arms. They're about the size of a pea and extremely sore to touch.
    Are the thyroid and lymph nodes related? What would you diagnose this?

    • ANSWER:
      Instant Diagnosis*of any Disease and or the affected organ[s]---even Cancer, HIV/AIDS or any Incurable Disease/Syndrome with the aid of acupressure maps.
      U may study the details, discuss with Ur family members and friends and understand the concept of ‘Acupressure’ and confirm for Urself, if U or anybody else has cancer/hiv and the affected organs.

      Cancer, lupus, HIV/AIDS, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, etc., —Common Symptoms:
      Sudden loss of weight/stamina, anemia, unbearable pains in any organ despite medication, neuralgia, FATIGUE-getting extremely tired for a little or no work, loss of appetite, unhealed wound in any part of the body for years together, chronic constipation, chronic hemorrhages, etc. Cancer may affect from any organ to any organ[s]/system[s].

      Remote control acupressure points to diagnose Cancer, hiv/AIDS, or any disease- Point Nos.1-10 -----1 [brain], 2 [Mental Nerves], 3 [Pituitarygland], 4 [Pineal gland], 5 [Head Nerves], 6 [Throat], 7 [Neck], 8 [Thyroid & Parathyroid], 9 [Spine], 10 [piles-constipation], , Point Nos.11-16, No.11 [Prostrate gland], 12 [Penis], 13 [Vagina], 14. Testes & Ovaries], 15 [Uterus], 16 [Lymph], 37 [spleen].

      Diagnosis--With the help of maps published herein, hard press these points with Ur thumb and middle finger and find out if all/most of acu points are tender. If all these or most of these points are very painful on thumb pressure, it means one has cancer/hiv/dreaded disease[s]. Suppose, point no. 11 [prostate] along with no.8 [thyroid, 16 [lymph], then it is prostate cancer. If point no. 27 [stomach] along with point no.8,16, then stomach cancer/ulcer, etc.,
      Prevention & Cure: Remote control Acupressure points given by the God. For Treatment and perceivable relief , hard-pressure is to be applied on & around these points with Ur thumb and middle finger.

      Dorsal side of Palms & soles:
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    I want to ask you about my symptoms although I know it can be anything or nothing :/?
    Hi My name is Sandra.
    I just want to jot down symptoms I've been having for several days. I'll try to be specific so it doesn't have to be out of the blue.

    So I've been diagnosed with the Grave's disease last year and just got my radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid. Shortly after, my goiter has shrunk tremendously and many of the symptoms I've been having from the thyroid has mostly been recovered. And last week, we did a ct scan for this suspicious mass growing in the center of the chest but luckily it was my thymus gland that was enlarged (I'm 19 yrsold) and we're assuming it's definitely related to my Graves Disease. But recently, for about 4 days I've been having my neck swollen. I personally thought it was swollen due to lack of sleep but it's been like this for four days and I've been having muscle cramps all over the places. My left side of my neck is sore and painful. It's painful but the pain is bearable. I have this serious emotional transition. I'm very outgoing and social but I've been noticing a lot that I do not talk as much as I do and feel very down and stressed out. I know this emotional transition can be related to my anxiety or depression but I've been feeling like that for a while.

    It's really nothing to really worry about? Right?
    We're planning to do a PET scan for my thyums gland so we can know if it's from tumors or not. That'll really tell us if it from Grave's disease or not...
    But.. yeah.. oh and I'm EXTREMELY tired. I am tired all the time. I've never felt this tired after thyroid was destroyed. It's the same tiresome from the time I was diagnosed with thyroid disorder and when it was left untreated. I don't get it. I don't have cold and my necks swollen i'm tired all the time....

    And when I wake up, I found myself gasping for air. (this is not severe) But I do have to give a good couple of breathing to actually find myself relaxing.. I don't know how to put this. It feels like suffocating about couple secs maybe for about 10 seconds and I'm okay.

    ... So frustrating please help.
    And I do have slightly enlarged on the left side of the heart. I've had many times of heart palpitation (avg 160 bmp) and had to go to ER. I did had history of thyroidstorm about twice and luckily it was at the hospital so it lasted for about 45-60 mins.

    • ANSWER:
      You have tight neck muscles for your problems there. The neck muscles can tighten up and press into the throat to make it hard and painful to swallow, a sore throat. that is also restricting the amount of air you are breathing because of the smaller passageway left. When neck muscles are tight they are compressing blood vessels there to restrict the blood flow in your head. That reduces the amount of fresh blood entering your head to result in a lowered oxygen level in the brain. There are three stages of lowered oxygen levels in the brain and they are; feeling very tired; getting dizzy or light headed; and passing out. To get rid of these problems you have to free the muscles back up to release the tight ones causing these problems. If the muscles are too tight you can need help with getting them released but when they aren't too tight you can get them freed back up by doing this:
      Put your hands alongside your head so your thumbs are on the front of the muscle under your ear and your fingers are on the back of the muscle, behind your neck. Squeeze your thumb and fingers together and hold. Relax your body. When your fingers and thumb touch, about two minutes, slowly lower your head as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your neck extended (lowered) for another 30 seconds.
      For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.
      The back and neck share muscles so what happens to one area can also happen to the other. Having tight muscles in your back don't have to be felt at all but they can cause other problems for you at times. When the muscles are tight and there is added pressure to them they can then press into the nerves leaving the spine and going to the organs. Pressure on the nerves going to your heart would cause the signal from the brain to be interrupted that keeps the heart beating properly to cause erratic heart beats. As tight muscles don't show up on scans or tests the dr.'s don't see this problem. To get rid of the tight muscles so the pressure won't press them into the nerves anymore you have to free up your back muscles to get them released as well and here's how to free them up:
      (do while sitting on a chair)
      Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm in the front, and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm as straight as possible. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, then release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
      For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

    Im sick of this feeling in my throat!?
    Ok for the past few months ive been having difficulty breathing, my throat feels like its closing up (especially at night) and i have a feeling of a lump in my throat (like the feeling im about to cry). My thyroid gland feels very tender to touch, although it is not enlarged it feels inflamed and sore.

    Ive been to the doctors and been tested for thyroid problems etc but they cant seem to find the cause of this discomfort.

    Ive read kelp supplements can help the thyroid and was wondering if its ok for me to take them even though the doctors have told me its not my thyroid (although im convinced it is)

    I hope someone can help, i know its not anxiety because it is constant. Im just sick of feeling like this.


    • ANSWER:
      What was your TSH. My TSH was almost at the top of the range and they told me it was normal. 18 months later my son was born premature and I couldn't breast feed. It took another year for them to retest my thyroid and it was just above normal. For me I need a TSH around 1 to relieve my symptoms and it was in the high 4's.

      Call your Doctors office and if it is in the high end of the range go to another doctor who will treat you.

      Good luck!

    does hashmitos show up in TSH, T4 or only Antibody tests?
    please help thx

    • ANSWER:
      It will show up in the TSH test because the TSH are outside the normal range.

      For many Hashimoto's patients, the thyroid becomes enlarged, a condition known as a goiter. The goiter can range from slight enlargement, which may have no other symptoms, to a substantial increase in size.

      Some people with Hashimoto's, especially those with a larger goiter, may feel discomfort in the neck area. Scarves or neckties may feel uncomfortable. The neck may feel swollen or uncomfortably enlarged, even sore. Sometimes the neck and/or throat is sore or tender. Less commonly, swallowing or even breathing can become difficult if a goiter is blocking the windpipe or esophagus.

    i cant tell if this is thyroid cancer or not?
    was sitting down from coming home last night and was eating spaghetti when i realized it was hard to swallow and it hurt my chest really bad to breathe. i ignore it and go to sleep thinking its all i need but it is now 24 hours and my chest feels bit better but now my throat is sore and swollen and when i push on it, it feels as if im cracking the bones in my neck or something because i can hear tiny little popping noises...
    anyway its hard to breathe deep and lay down, and hurts even more to swallow, but coughing spitting and especially sneazing hurt the most

    whats wrong with me and what should i do???? plz help

    and the pain is severe under my adams apple, but its just so random how it happened and i thought cancer doesnt hurt?

    • ANSWER:
      Cancer can be very painful, but you do not have symptoms of it. I’m not sure why you would think it’s cancer of any sort. The most common symptom of thyroid cancer is an enlarging mass.

    Hi Im 16 im really scared i always cry?
    I have beebln feeling like something is stuck in my throat, my parents never believe me, I'm scared of dieing and leaveing my gf and familly. I went to my pediatricion and she told me I had strep throat? I got antibiodicts. But why is my epiglotis still visible? Why do I still have the sensation of something stuck in my throat? . Could strep throat have caused my epiglottis to bee visible? Do I havee epiglottitis? . I don't want to die l'':

    • ANSWER:
      I had a sensation of something stuck in my throat for 4 years and found out I had an enlarged thyroid but the dr there said he did not think that was the cause but that I had reflux. I said but I never have heartburn and he told me there are two kinds regular and silent reflux I also found out that silent reflux is associated as a cause of sleep apnea which I have and I found out that it is correlated with sleep apnea and 34% of the people with sleep apnea also have silent reflux.

      I further found out that one thing that may be caused by silent reflux is a lot of coughing and some wheezing on occasion which I have had for 17 years and always thought was a lung problem never associating it with a stomach type problem like reflux,

      I got an appt with a gastrologist who did and upper GI and they found I had extremely severe reflux (which can cause a lump in throat sensation.

      But after a lot of research and finding I have 21 of 23 symptoms of paratyroidism, I suspect may be the cause but it is hard to diagnose and often missed as rarely encountered so yours it probably not that but may be reflux look at symptoms of parathyroid problem at this link to see if any sound familiar



      lump in throat sensation is also called Globus Pharyngeus if you want to do some research on it and possible causes

      However I did see that globbus pharyngeus (lump in throat sensation) can be caused by strep throat


      You might try the following as it is supposed to help cure strep throat

      get some apple cider vinegar and put about 2 tbs in a glass of water May add some honey. I sometimes add sea salt instead of honey

      It is best to use a raw unpasteurized vinegar like brand braggs, spectrum or eden which contains the cloudy "mother" this can be found in health food stores or health food section of many grocery stores

      dont just take it a few times a day but sip all day long like coffee or something, First swish in mouth gargle and then swallow, do this a a few to several days and see if it helps or go back to doctor to be sure the strep is gone away.

      Be sure to eat a lot of yogurt and that the label says with active cultures to try to help get back the good bacteria in the gut that the antibiotics have killed (this is why people get diarrhea on antibiotics).

      If it continues or doctor says you have no more strep throat and you still have the lump in throat feeling, get your parents to set up an appt with a gastrologist to see if you have reflux.

      It that fails try and sear, nose and throat specialist If you have the other symptoms of parathyroidism might follow up on that but it is rare and not likely you have that.

      Look around ion term Globus Pharyngeus to see if any of the causes sound like something you may have

      here are the other symptoms of epiglottitis do you have any of those

      Epiglottitis begins with a high fever and sore throat. Other symptoms may include:

      Abnormal breathing sounds (stridor)
      Chills, shaking
      Cyanosis (blue skin coloring)
      Difficulty breathing (patient may need to sit upright and lean slightly forward to breathe)
      Difficulty swallowing
      Voice changes (hoarseness)

      if so see an EMT for assessment and ruling this out as this can be a medical emergency

      Stress can make it worst so take some kava kava organic tincture or some other herb for stress

      herbpharm is a good brand

      or breathe deeply of the bottle containing lavender essential oil a brand like aura cacia is often found in health food stores like whole foods along with the herbpharm kava kava

      Since some of these like strep and epiglottis can be caused by virus or bacteria try one of these natural antithetical, antiviral agents

      1 raw garlic at least 3 cloves per day must be raw
      2 organic olive leaf tincture
      3 grapefruit seed extract (since it is bitter take with a little citrus juice to improve taste)
      4 oil of oregano (I like oreganol brand)
      5 colloidal silver do not take for too long

      If it is caused by reflux which is a strong causes my brother cured his by drinking lots of fresh cabbage juice for a short time

      Read all the posts here by knowledge seeker


      you can often find juicers at thrift stores for about and cabbage is a very cheap veggie price wise

      maybe enlist grandma or an aunt etc for help talking to parents or getting some of these things which might help

    What else could be causing these symptoms in me? I'm 25 y/o F.?
    they have done an Edoscopy, blood tests for parasites and other tests. they say i'm 'naturally thin' but i don't feel this is right, as I weighed 116-125 lbs at age 16-21! My weight has decreased and i have made no changes to my diet. In highschool, I had to workout and watch what i ate to stay at 120. now i struggle to keep weight on and people make comments all the time. I do have a partial seizure disorder, but I had these symptoms even before that. The doctors haven't figured it out so I'm going to ask for a full panel, with thyroid.
    any ideas??
    -weight loss & inability to gain even with protein supplements and weight lifting. I am ok with being slender, but want at least be in my ‘healthy’ BMI range. Weight ranges between 105-110.
    -Actually feel weightless/frail. Used to feel better.
    -dry & thinning hair. Used to be able to grow it out easy and now it splits and breaks very very easily. nails/skin dry as well.
    -sleep troubles
    -swollen neck glands[lymph nodes? itchy/phlegm-ey throat.
    -cold hands/feet
    -numbness in thighs when lying still on back..without bending legs.
    -tired all the time/fall asleep at work while on the job. Often have no energy and need small naps on breaks.
    -forgetful. This often goes along with it when I’m very tired/fatigued.
    -bruise easy%0

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I wouldn't go as far as diagnosing you with Thyroid disease or an Auto-immune Disease as "Katz" has, but just as you were thinking, it might be a good idea to pursue a different route. If it's not Gastroenterology related, scope and all other GI test negative, and there is a concern, which I believe there is and many unexplained symptoms, then yes, pursue a Thyroid work up. "Katz" was talking about Hashimoto's Thyroiditis which is an auto-immune disease, it attacks the thyroid and eventually destroys it leaving you with too little thyroid hormone (HYPOTHYROIDISM). It is a disease seen later in life than someone 25yrs old. It is also a disease that yes, can go from HYPO to HYPER, but eventually as the thyroid wears down, it leaves you HYPO (low on thyroid) generally weight gain, not weight loss. Graves Disease and Hashimoto's Disease are both inherited conditions, any family history? Generally these thyroid diseases will enlarge the thyroid, causing a "goiter", many times visable, sore to touch and you are aware of some difficulty swallowing as you have stated, but swollen lymph nodes? could be from other sources. My recommendation is to get back with your primary MD and yeah, check a TSH, Free T4/3, and talk about some other things that could be causing this...have you had a glucose tolerance test, check for diabetes, CBC, check for blood diseases/dyscrasias. Let your doctor know your concerns and pursue a full work-up. Please Email me with info, I'm curious. Hashimoto's/Graves a possibility, but lots of other things as well.
      I wish you well. Go Gluten Free and see.

    What Can Cause A Lymph-Node On Your Mastoid Bone To Stay Enlarged For Years?
    I have a history of sinus infections and tooth abscesses. I no longer have a sinus infection, but when I do get them... they stay for months and sometimes, even years. I have to take antibiotics to get rid of them. I plan on going to the dentist for my teeth, as well. Also, I have a thyroid nodule and it's been hanging around for quite a few years. I do get it checked on from time-to-time, though. Anyway, could any of these cause a lymph-node on the mastoid bone to stay enlarged for years... or, do you know of any other possible causes? I'm scared that it could be a symptom of lymphoma, or even thyroid cancer. I do plan on seeing a doctor about this issue, so no need to tell me that - lol. I'm just a hypochondriac and like getting extra advise, even if it only puts my mind at ease for a minute.

    • ANSWER:
      The following works for sinus, cold, running nose, sore throat and strep throat, when the throat is hurting and lot of other conditions.

      The most visible thing about sinus is swelling. In case of cold, sore throat, strep throat also swelling is there but to some less extent then it is visible in sinus.

      Sinus, cold and sore throat usually happen in the following situations -

      - Change of season, drinking lot of water after exercises, when u get up in the morning, after swimming, after having first sex, kissing, first time smoking etc.

      The reason - The body has limited capacity to store water in places other hen cells and in blood systems. When we suddenly drink lot of water, that must be stored in the cells within a short period. If that does not happen the body tries to lose water through frequent urination, running nose, cough etc. This excess water is stored in layers of skin or muscles. This stored water outside cells reduces the cell metabolism drastically. That also causes the immune system to be done causing the bacteria growth. That does not need antibiotics. All it needs is reabsorption of that water in cells or blood system. That is possible only by reducing the water intake temporarily.

      During winters the cells of our body stores less water. This is evident from frequent loss of water from body throuhurination. Normally.

      Another thing that needs explanation is - why does sore throat happens in the morning often. The cellular metabolism is at 5 to 10% during sleep. So the excess water stored between layers of skin and muscles causes the metabolism to fall below the minimum threshold limit. That reduces the immune capacity of the body drastically.

      The same thing happens after swimming the body is heated up and cooled at the same time. It a person allows sweating after a swimming session and does not drink water or does not take a shower in cold water sore throat may not happen.

      After having first sex, kissing, first time smoking people tend to either overeat, drink lot of water and sleep immediately so sinus or sore throat happens.

      The easier way out is to allow body to sweat for 1 or 2 hour by increasing the body temperature but not drinking water or other fluids for may be 1 hour after that. But since cell metabolism is low during this period of cold and sinus, a person will seem to be excessively thirsty even after a short session of small exercise. Thru cell metabolism the water is transferred to blood system. If that happens at a rate slower then required rate the cells may overheat causing excessive thirst.

      The other easy way to control swelling is to give up water and all other liquids for 24 hours. In 24 hours there will be no significant dehydration to cause organ failure. But to be double sure one can stay indoors for 24 hours. This helps in lot of other ailments. One can do it when one is indoors. It improves the immune system. It ensures that body's control systems work properly.

      In 24 hours the reduction in the fluids will be about 3 litres or about 5% of the total body weight of a normal adult.

      Never the swelling due to sinus or cold and cough is more than 5% of the body volume.

      During this period of 24 hours the lose of water from the body does not reduce even by 1% to offset reduced water intake.

      The reduction in loss of body water thru urine or sweating starts after 48 hours in most of people. But to be on safe side giving up water and liquids for 24 hours will do the trick.

      The reduced swelling will give immediate relief from pain. It will make is much more easier to eliminate the cough thru nose without any pain.

      That will also improve the blood acid levels by about 10%. This makes changes at the cell level as well. Blood acid levels are the first line of defense against the infections.

      So swelling gone, pain gone, cough moving out, infections taken care of. Now what remains in the body for the next change of season time. Obviously nothing.

      So it has already given u long term relief from sinus. But in some cases one may get sinus during next change of season and may have to do this again. The benefits of drinking lot of water is over hyped. So when winter starts to set in, people still force drink more water. Same thing happens when summer is setting in. As soon as summer comfort is there on increases the water intake drastically. But the cells of the body still does not need that excess supply of water.

    Hi I just got back blood tests results and the THYROGLOBULIN Antibodies are 318 which is high, ANA negative, What does this mean? I have been feeling sick, run down last 6 weeks, My arms and legs are VERY achy due to flu from 6 weeks ago. I am scared of these results anyone know what it means

    • ANSWER:
      Thyroglobulin antibodies at 318 high indicate you most likely have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid.

      Hashmoto’s is confirmed by two antibodies labs: anti-TPO and TgAb. The first antibody, anti-TPO, attacks an enzyme normally found in your thyroid gland, called the Thyroid Peroxidase, which is important in the production of thyroid hormones. The second antibody, TgAb, attacks the key protein in the thyroid gland, the thyroglobulin, which is essential in the production of the T4 and T3 thyroid hormones. Note: it is unfortunately common for a doctor to only do ONE test, and you need BOTH tests, since you can be normal in one and high in another! We have also noted that saliva does not always accurately detect Hashi’s as well as blood tests do.

      WHAT IS HASHIMOTOS? Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune thyroid disease in which your thyroid is being attacked by your own immune system via antibodies, attempting to destroy your gland as if it’s some vile enemy. The attack causes an inflammation and gradual destruction of your thyroid gland and can go on for years. It may be the most common thyroid disease, especially with women.

      WHAT ARE SYMPTOMS OF HASHIMOTOS? For many, the symptoms are silent–the early stages of the autoimmune attack. But eventually, you start to notice the same symptoms of hypothyroid, including poor stamina, easy fatigue, feeling cold, gaining weight, dry hair and skin, constipation, etc. As it progresses, you may feel very hypo one day, and very hyper another, which is caused by the destruction of your thyroid. Additionally, since the cells of your thyroid become inefficient in converting iodine into thyroid hormones, your thyroid compensates by swelling or enlarging, and you can have a feeling of tightness around your throat or a sore throat as a result. The swelling can be called a goiter. You might also see variations in your lab work–high one time, low the next, high the next, etc.

      Here is the link I like the best to describe Hashimoto's or any Hypothyroid related conditions:


      You were negative for ANA, which is good! This means that you do not have any of the below disorders:

      Antinuclear antibodies (ANA), detected by indirect immunofluorescence, aid in the diagnosis of connective tissue disorders including systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), mixed connective tissue disease, Sjögren’s syndrome
      and scleroderma1-5. ANA occur in about 95% of SLE patients as well as patients with other connective tissue diseases. ANA may also occur in other disorders such as chronic active hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis6-8

      Don't be scared. I have Hashimoto's too & it is controlled by taking a Thyroid supplement daily. Once you begin taking this, in about 3-4 weeks you will start feeling like your old self again. I would also suggest getting the anti-TPO test for a definite confirmation diagnosis. Don't worry, you will be feeling better soon with the right Thyroid dosage.Feel free to email me in the future if you have any questions or need help with info on meds or treatment information. Good luck!

      ******I have had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis for about 10 years & have controlled my condition easily with meds. I have never had an Thyroid enlargement that was significant. My endocrinologist indicates to me that this can be controlled & I probably won't need surgery ever.

      *****************EDIT: Mary56 read this article :


      Yes, you can treat the high Thyroglobulin antibodies even though your TSH is OK. It can actually slow down the progression of the disease. As the study states, you still take Thyroid meds & it can help lower the anti-bodies. It really will help you feel better & have better results long-term.Talk with your Dr. about it, if he/she resists show them this article.

    My naturapaths given me Calc (C) what is this? what does it do?

    • ANSWER:
      CALCAREA CARB is a Homeopathic Remedy as far as I know its a gem of a remedy if its the same one we are talking about ? Here are the provings of CALC CARB from the Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicine read it and you will know what it is used for in Homeopathy :-

      Carbonate of Lime

      This great Hahnemannian anti-psoric is a constitutional remedy par excellence. Its chief action is centered in the vegetative sphere, impaired nutrition being the keynote of its action, the glands, skin, and bones, being instrumental in the changes wrought. Increased local and general perspiration, swelling of glands, scrofulous and rachitic conditions generally offer numerous opportunities for the exhibition of Calcarea. Incipient phthisis (Ars jod; Tuberculin). It covers the tickling cough, fleeting chest pains, nausea, acidity and dislike of fat. Gets out of breath easily. A jaded state, mental or physical, due to overwork. Abscesses in deep muscles; polypi and exostoses. Pituitary and thyroid disfunction.

      Raised blood coagulability (Strontium). Is a definite stimulant to the periosteum. Is a hæmostatic and gives this power probably to the gelatine injections.

      Easy relapses, interrupted convalescence. Persons of scrofulous type, who take cold easily, with increased mucous secretions, children who grow fat, are large-bellied, with large head, pale skin, chalky look, the so-called leuco-phlegmatic temperament; affections caused by working in water. Great sensitiveness to cold; partial sweats. Children crave eggs and eat dirt and other indigestible things; are prone to diarrhœa. Calcarea patient is fat, fair, flabby and perspiring and cold, damp and sour.

      Mind.--Apprehensive; worse towards evening; fears loss of reason, misfortune, contagious diseases. Forgetful, confused, low-spirited. Anxiety with palpitation. Obstinacy; slight mental effort produces hot head. Averse to work or exertion.

      Head.--Sense of weight on top of head. Headache, with cold hands and feet. Vertigo on ascending, and when turning head. Headache from overlifting, from mental exertion, with nausea. Head feels hot and heavy, with pale face. Icy coldness in, and on the head, especially right side. Open fontanelles; head enlarged; much perspiration, wets the pillow. Itching of the scalp. Scratches head on waking.

      Eyes.--Sensitive to light. Lachrymation in open air and early in morning. Spots and ulcers on cornea. Lachrymal ducts closed from exposure to cold. Easy fatigue of eyes. Far sighted. Itching of lids, swollen, scurfy. Chronic dilatation of pupils. Cataract. Dimness of vision, as if looking through a mist. Lachrymal fistula; scrofulous ophthalmia.

      Ears.--Throbbing; cracking in ears; stitches; pulsating pain as if something would press out. Deafness from working in water. Polypi which bleed easily. Scrofulous inflammation with muco-purulent otorrhœa, and enlarged glands. Perversions of hearing; hardness of hearing. Eruption on and behind ear (Petrol). Cracking noises in ear. Sensitive to cold about ears and neck.

      Nose.--Dry, nostrils sore, ulcerated. Stoppage of nose, also with fetid, yellow discharge. Offensive odor in nose. Polypi; swelling at root of nose. Epistaxis. Coryza. Takes cold at every change of weather. Catarrhal symptoms with hunger; coryza alternates with colic.

      Face.--Swelling of upper lip. Pale, with deep-seated eyes, surrounded by dark rings. Crusta lactea; itching, burning after washing. Submaxillary glands swollen. Goitre. Itching of pimples in whiskers. Pain from right mental foramen along lower jaw to ear.

      Mouth.--Persistent sour taste. Mouth fills with sour water. Dryness of tongue at night. Bleeding of gums. Difficult and delayed dentition. Teeth ache; excited by current of air, anything cold or hot. Offensive smell from mouth. Burning pain at tip of tongue; worse, anything warm taken into stomach.

      Throat.--Swelling of tonsils and submaxillary glands; stitches on swallowing. Hawking-up of mucus. Difficult swallowing. Goitre. Parotid fistula.

      Stomach.--Aversion to meat, boiled things; craving for indigestible things-chalk, coal, pencils; also for eggs, salt and sweets. Milk disagrees. Frequent sour eructations; sour vomiting. Dislike of fat. Loss of appetite when overworked. Heartburn and loud belching. Cramps in stomach; worse, pressure, cold water. Ravenous hunger. Swelling over pit of stomach, like a saucer turned bottom up. Repugnance to hot food. Pain in epigastric region to touch. Thirst; longing for cold drinks. Aggravation while eating. Hyperchlorhydria (Phos).

      Abdomen.--Sensitive to slightest pressure. Liver region painful when stooping. Cutting in abdomen; swollen abdomen. Incarcerated flatulence. Inguinal and mesenteric glands swollen and painful. Cannot bear tight clothing around the waist. Distention with hardness. Gall-stone colic. Increase of fat in abdomen. Umbilical hernia. Trembling; weakness, as if sprained. Children are late in learning to walk.

      Stool.--Crawling and constriction in rectum. Stool large and hard (Bry); whitish, watery, sour. Prolapse ani, and burning, stinging hæmorrhoids. Diarrhœa of undigested, food, fetid, with ravenous appetite. Children's diarrhœa. Constipation; stool at first hard, then pasty, then liquid.

      Urine.--Dark, brown, sour, fetid, abundant, with white sediment, bloody. Irritable bladder. Enuresis (Use 30th, also Tuberculin. 1 m.).

      Male.--Frequent emissions. Increased desire. Semen emitted too soon. Coition followed by weakness and irritability.

      Female.--Before menses, headache, colic, chilliness and leucorrhœa. Cutting pains in uterus during menstruation. Menses too early, too profuse, too long, with vertigo, toothache and cold, damp feet; the least excitement causes their return. Uterus easily displaced. Leucorrhœa, milky (Sepia). Burning and itching of parts before and after menstruation; in little girls. Increased sexual desire; easy conception. Hot swelling breasts. Breasts tender and swollen before menses. Milk too abundant; disagreeable to child. Deficient lactation, with distended breasts in lymphatic women. Much sweat about external genitals. Sterility with copious menses. Uterine polypi.

      Respiratory.--Tickling cough troublesome at night, dry and free expectoration in morning; cough when playing piano, or by eating. Persistent, irritating cough from arsenical wall paper (Clarke). Extreme dyspnœa. Painless hoarseness; worse in the morning. Expectoration only during the day; thick, yellow, sour mucus. Bloody expectoration; with sour sensation in chest. Suffocating spells; tightness, burning and soreness in chest; worse going upstairs or slightest ascent, must sit down. Sharp pains in chest from before backwards. Chest very sensitive to touch, percussion, or pressure. Longing for fresh air. Scanty, salty expectoration (Lyc).

      Heart.--Palpitation at night and after eating. Palpitation with feeling of coldness, with restless oppression of chest; after suppressed eruption.

      Back.--Pain as if sprained; can scarcely rise; from overlifting. Pain between shoulder-blades, impeding breathing. Rheumatism in lumbar region; weakness in small of back. Curvature of dorsal vertebræ. Nape of neck stiff and rigid. Renal colic.

      Extremities.--Rheumatoid pains, as after exposure to wet. Sharp sticking, as if parts were wrenched or sprained. Cold, damp feet; feel as if damp stockings were worn. Cold knees cramps in calves. Sour foot-sweat. Weakness of extremities. Swelling of joints, especially knee. Burning of soles of feet. Sweat of hands. Arthritic nodosities. Soles of feet raw. Feet feel cold and dead at night. Old sprains. Tearing in muscles.

      Sleep.--Ideas crowding in her mind prevent sleep. Horrid visions when opening eyes. Starts at every noise; fears that she will go crazy. Drowsy in early part of evening. Frequent waking at night. Same disagreeable idea always arouses from light slumber. Night terrors (Kali phos). Dreams of the dead.

      Fever.--Chill at 2 pm begins internally in stomach region. Fever with sweat. Pulse full and frequent. Chilliness and heat. Partial sweats. Night sweats, especially on head, neck and chest. Hectic fever. Heat at night during menstruation, with restless sleep. Sweat over head in children, so that pillow becomes wet.

      Skin.--Unhealthy; readily ulcerating; flaccid. Small wounds do not heal readily. Glands swollen. Nettle rash; better in cold air. Warts on face and hands. Petechial eruptions. Chilblains. Boils.

      Modalities.--Worse, from exertion, mental or physical; ascending; cold in every form; water, washing, moist air, wet weather; during full moon; standing. Better, dry climate and weather; lying on painful side. Sneezing (pain in head and nape).

      Relationship.--Antidotes: Camph; Ipec; Nit ac; Nux.

      Complementary: Bell; Rhus; Lycop; Silica.

      Calcar is useful after Sulphur where the pupils remain dilated. When Pulsatilla failed in school girls.

      Incompatible: Bry; Sulphur should not be given after Calc.

      Compare: Aqua calcar.--Lime-water--(1/2 teaspoonful in milk); (as injection for oxyuris vermicularis), and Calc caust--slaked lime--(pain in back and heels, jaws and malar bones; also symptoms of influenza). Calc brom (removes inflammatory products from uterus; children of lax fiber, nervous and irritable, with gastric and cerebral irritation. Tendency to brain disease. Insomnia and cerebral congestion. Give 1x trituration). Sulph (differs in being worse by heat, hot feet, etc).

      Calcar calcinata-Calcined oyster-shell-a remedy for warts. Use 3d trituration. Calcarea ovorum. Ova tosta-Toasted egg-shells--(backache and leucorrhœa. Feeling as if back were broken in two; tired feeling. Also effective in controlling suffering from cancer).

      Calcar lactic (anæmias, hæmophilia, urticaria, where the coagulability of the blood is diminished; nervous headache with œdema of eyelids, lips or hands; 15 grains three times a day, but low potencies often equally effective).

      Calcar lacto-phosph (5 grains 3 times a day in cyclic vomiting and migraine).

      Calc mur.--Calcium chloratum-Rademacher's Liquor--(1 part to 2 of distilled water, of which take 15 drops in half a cup of water, five times daily. Boils. Porrigo capitis. Vomiting of all food and drink, with gastric pain. Impetigo, glandular swellings, angioneurotic œdema. Pleurisy with effusion. Eczema in infants).

      Calcar picrata, (peri-follicular inflammation; a remedy of prime importance in recurring or chronic boils, particularly when located on parts thinly covered with muscle tissue, as on shinbones, coccyx, auditory canal, dry, scurfy accumulation and exfoliation of epithelial scales, etc, styes, phlyctenules. Use 3x trit).

      Compare also with Calcarea: Lycop; Silica; Pulsat; Chamom.

      Dose.--Sixth trit. Thirtieth and higher potencies. Should not be repeated too frequently in elderly people.

      I hope this proves to be of help to you.
      Take Care and God Bless you !

    does high doses of iodine cause pimples?

    • ANSWER:
      A rash is referred to in this material on iodine side effects and overdose effects.

      SIDE EFFECTS: Stomach upset or diarrhea may occur. If any of these effects continue or become bothersome, inform your doctor. Notify your doctor if you develop: skin rash, fever, joint pains, breathing trouble, swelling of the face, swelling of the throat, metallic taste, burning mouth, sore teeth and gums, head cold symptoms, enlarged thyroid. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

      PRECAUTIONS: Tell your doctor if you have: liver problems, kidney disease (for potassium-containing products), allergies (especially to iodine). This medication is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Consult your doctor for details. This medication passes into breast milk and has had undesirable effects on nursing infants. Consult your doctor before breast-feeding.

      DRUG INTERACTIONS: Tell your doctor of any over-the-counter or prescription medication you may take, including: lithium. Do not start or stop any medicine without doctor or pharmacist approval.

      OVERDOSE: If overdose is suspected, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately. US residents can call the US national poison hotline at 1-800-222-1222. Canadian residents should call their local poison control center directly. Symptoms of overdose may include stomach pain, severe diarrhea, breathing trouble, decrease in amount of urine, unconsciousness, or unusual thirst.

    My right gland on my neck hurts a lot, no other symptoms.?
    Okay so yesterday I started to have some pain in my right gland on my necks. It might be a little puffy but not noticeably swollen and my actual throat does not hurt. It hurts to swallow and to move my neck certain ways and I also feel like I have to strain to talk. I am just confused what it could mean to have a sore gland only on one side and no other symptoms. I would appreciate some suggestions on what it could be. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      You could very well have the beginnings of Laryngitis specially if your voice is affected as the larynx is your voice box and can become infected by either bacteria or virus also Pharyngitis or even an enlarged thyroid.
      Only your doctor will know after he/she has examined you

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