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    22 years old women resting heart rate is 100bpm and when i move around it goes up to 110 or 120bpm.?
    Anybody had a same problem?
    I am not fat and I never smoke and drinks and I drink caffine once in a month.

    • ANSWER:
      Yours is borderline Sinus tachycardia. An overview:

      Sinus tachycardia is a heart rate greater than 100 beats per minute. The electrical impulses that cause the heart to beat come from the normal "pacemaker" of the heart.

      There are many possible causes of this condition. Relevant ones in your case are:

      # anxiety
      # emotional stress
      # dehydration
      # anemia, or a low blood count
      # a high level of thyroid hormone in the body

      Though symptoms often do not occur, signs and symptoms of this condition may include:
      # racing heart rate or pulse
      # a feeling of the heart pounding in the chest
      # dizziness in some cases

      This condition itself usually has no long-term effects. In some settings, a fast heartbeat may cause chest pain. If there are no obvious causes keeping yourself well hydrated would suffice.

    Can any give me some advice on my infertility dilemma?
    I've been trying to get pregnant for about five years now on the basis that i stopped taking the pill and if it happens it happens,but for the last 2 years my periods have been getting more heavy and clotted(losing a jelly like substance)and they are now extremely painful and irregular and i suffer period like cramps most days.My GP tested me for PCOS using the regular blood works but all was ok,i've just got to go for my ovulation blood test now.My GP who is also a qualified gyni thinks all is fine and there is no reason why i shouldn't be concieveing,so why after 5 years unprotected am i still not?My smear tests have always been abnormal every 6 mths since i was 19 and i had a colposcopy about 3-4 years ago and a biopsy and was told everything was fine.After being told to wait to go again for the last 3-4 years yet again my smear has come back abnormal but with severe dysplasia(cin3)where as before it was only cin1-2(borderline).Could the infertility be linked to this in some way?
    Also i'm not one of those people that think about pregnancy and babies 24/7 so there is no pressure on me,but just recently i've begun to worry as i'm 27 now and feel as though time is running out for me and there is nothing i can do about it.

    • ANSWER:
      i agree. its sounds like you have endometriosis.

      there are a couple of issues here:
      1) first if possible, i would get a second and a thrid opinion when it comes to a fertility work-up. i personally have been to a few docs and until the most recent visit, i have always felt like there was something missing in the diagnosis.
      2) there is no test for pcos. pcos is determined by interpretation of a few different exams and a physical exam? what are your other symptoms? do you have excess hair? do you have carn/sugar craving?
      3) have you had your thyroid checked? if your fsh is over 2.5 then yes you have an underactive thyroid. most doctors won't treat this unless it is over 5.00 but for a woman trying to conceive 2.5 is troublesome.
      4) if your periods are irregular then you may not be ovulating or ovulating so infrequently that you are missing the fertile window. i would start charting BBT. even if it doesn't determine a predictable pattern, it might at least indicate whether your are ovulating.
      5) if you are not ovulating or if ovulation is irregular you best chances of conceiving are fertility drugs. however, there are many fertilityd rug combinations that are more successful than fertility drugs alone. this will depend on your diagnosis. very successful combos include adding metformin, dexamethasone and/or bromocriptine.

      the key here is finding the right doctor. it can make all teh difference in the world.

    Some hairs are becoming brittle, limp and crinkly and then eventually fall out, what is causing this?
    For the last 6 months my hair has been falling out, first it was thinning all over, but that has stopped. Now hairs on the hairline are becoming brittle, limp (they sort of fall on the forehead different from the other hairs), and they get some crinkles in them (I have straight hair). These hairs eventually fall out.

    Is this male pattern baldness or something else causing this?

    • ANSWER:
      Most common reason hair can fall out is due to of lack of certain nutrients such as B6 and folic acid.
      Even a partial lack of almost any nutrient may cause hair to fall out. Though the lack of B6 and/or folic acid can cause you to go completely bald. But the hair grows normally after the liberal intake of these vitamins. If you are really concerned about your levels of B6 and/or folic acid, your doctor can do a simple blood test of this.

      Another important cause of falling out hair is stress. Stress leads to a severe ten sion in the skin of the scalp. This adversely affects the supply of essential nutrition required for the healthy growth of the hair. It makes the roots of the hair weak, resulting in the falling of hair. Unclean conditions of the scalp can also cause less hair. It weakens the hair roots by blocking the pores with the collected dirt. Make sure your scalp is clean.
      IF you don't believe you have any of the above problems, I would say that you definitely need to go to your doctor. You most likely need to have your hormones tested, especially if you are experiencing any other symptoms no matter how small they may seem. It could be due to hormonal changes, maybe even thyroid problems.
      ** IF it is a hypothyroidism, which is the main cause of hair loss in my family (even in the women), you could possibly also experience other symptoms, such as your fingernails becoming more brittle and easier to breakage and/or more tired or sluggish feeling sometimes.

      BUT, if it is only a slight case of hypothyroidism, then the doctor may say that you're within "normal" levels though you could actually be borderline.

      ***To test for this, use the iodine tincture test. It's cheap and available at any drugstore usually found near the wound cleaning items.
      Iodine tincture test: Use the dip stick and "paint" a quarter size dot on your inner thigh after a shower. Let it dry before putting clothes on so you don't cause a stain. If the stain on your skin is absorbed and gone within 24 hours, then your thyroid should be fine. If it takes longer, then you most likely have hypothyroidism. (The less time it takes for it to fade and be absorbed, the worse the hypothyroidism is.) Definitely see your doctor and have your thyroid checked if it takes less than 12 hours to fade on it's own.
      *** To fix slight/borderline hypothyroidism, continue to use the iodine tincture method about once a week until it no longer takes less than 24 hours to fade on it's own. Retest with the tincture every 3-6 months.
      Hope this helps, and Good Luck!

    Does anybody have suggestions for what i should do?
    I have been unwell for six months now. All my bloods except my my thyroid came back normal. The thyroid was borderline under. The doctor tried me on levothyroxine one every other day 25mg which didn't help for six weeks. My symptoms include dizziness, foggy head, hard to concentrate, near constant headaches/pressure. I sometimes slur my words and have a lot of difficulty with my memory. I get breathless and have hot flashes if i go up the stairs or walk about for too long. I also have joint pain. It started in one knee and it wasn't too bad but then both knees were sore to the point of limping and now my hips and back have started to ache quite badly. Paraceptamol and ibuprofen have no affect on the pain; headaches or joints. I often feel like im drunk and have become quite depressed since this has started, I'm constantly exhausted and the doctors are doing next to nothing. I've just kind of given up. Does anybody have suggestions on what i should do or does this sound like something anybody has experienced?
    I''ma 19yr old female who has a family history of thyroid problems.
    The doctor only gave me the levothyroxine after i demanded she do something she deliberately put me on the smallest possible dose because she hadn't done a recent test. My t4 was taken after the six weeks of the pills and it was normal so she said nothing else was to be done even though i still wasn't well.

    • ANSWER:
      I wish I had some useful suggestion, but in this case the answer can only be investigation, investigation, investigation. Realistically you need to go back to your GP for a referral, perhaps to a general physician, He has done as much as he can in house. I assume that you did have all 3 criteria for thyroid disease to even merit a trial of levothyroxine, i.e, low T4, raised TSH and a positive thyroid antibody. Even if that was the case it was never going to be at a level to explain your symptoms if it was borderline only. Equally it was never going to improve them. Isolated TSH elevations often occur in women without thyroid disease, especially if they happen to be on the pill.

    Why is my immune system so weak?
    I get sick very oftenly. I got a fever 2 weeks ago and I got one day and I pretty much get sick about every month or every other month. I do however owe 6 vaccinations. I am trying to get them all done but could this be the reason why I get sick so oftenly? Could it be HIV? I was raped when I was smaller and I had sex with my partner several times but I did hear that it is a silent STD.

    Will taking vitamins strengthen my immune system?

    • ANSWER:
      Well a lot of people are getting weak immune systems. People these days live off of processed foods and spend most of the time behind a PC or in front of the TV.

      An acidic body is the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. If you wanted to follow an alkaline diet you'd eat more vegetables, especially raw (e.g. salads) or lightly cooked. Learn to shop at a local farmer's market instead of the chain supermarkets. Just avoid chain grocery or fast-food or restaurant foods. You want a vegetable-based diet and small amounts of fruits and dried beans and whole grains, minimal nuts and seeds. AVOID SUGAR, as well as meats, otherwise your body's digestive enzymes will be busy digesting meat not the protein layer of viruses, etc. Same with sugar, candida/fungus in the body thrive on sugar and the aspartame crap is even worse sending the body into metabolic acidosis. Just adopt a vegetable-based diet.

      Other than acidic body, you want to take some measures to chelate heavy metals and clear any fungus. Natural everyday chelators would be having a couple of apples a day (e.g. the malic acid in the apples), have up to two cups of unsweetned pure green tea several days a week. Add some fresh cilantro sprigs to your salad or soup. These are mild chelators you can do long term.

      As for th candida/fungus, take a pinch of 20 Mule Borax in a cup of water every few days.

      Also water can be the source of toxins (e.g. old pipes to the crap used to clean it and the remaining crap left behind). Try to drink reverse osmosis water. Add a small pinch of sea salt to bring it back to life. If you adapt the vegetarian diet you will start to get lots of potassium and will need to supplement with a little sea salt time to time to keep strong. Also a some B12, carnisine and taurine supplements time to time.

      Take 25mg zinc a day for a month to help your immune.

      Another thing to help the immune is lysine (amino acid). Get it powdered or use a pill crusher and add 1000 mg to a cup of water with 1000 mg vitamin C (especially in the alkaline form sodium ascorbate) a day. Lysine and green tea (the tannic acid) are great for the body because they help the white blood cells be able to see the invading virus by removing its stealth component.

      Clean up your diet and take some supplements. Make sure you get a walk outdoors and some sun. Many are getting deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D is almost like a hormone and so important to the immune. It is possible you could have an autoimmune disorder and I don't mean HIV/AIDS. Sometimes the body attacks itself, a D deficiency can sometimes bring it on,

      Go to your doctor and ask for STD panel and HIV/AIDS test, as well as basic blood work to check for deficiencies, including electrolyte balance and thyroid, diabetes and vitamin D tests, etc.

      Whether you get sick from a toxic lifestyle or you have a virus or HIV you can take measures to help your body. Vaccinations often contain live virus along with a form of mercury that are just bad for the body. If you must get them, follow the above protocol to chelate the mercury out.
      Don't be afraid it might not be that bad. I was sick and it turned out to be a deficiency of a vitamin. They don't always show when you're borderline.

      There are silent STDs meaning you don't show symptoms but can still spread. Usually the worst the typical ones do is make some women infertile. Of course some strains of HPV (genital warts) can cause cancer. But a pap smear from OB/GYN can test to see if there's anything abnormal.

      Its time to be a big girl, since you'r mature enough to have sex, call your family dr (s/he can also do the OB/GYN pap smear) and get some peace of mind or remedies. Clean up your diet and supplement as I said above.

      TO further alkalize you can also get some apple cider vinegar (ACV) and take two teaspoons in a cup of water one to two times a day (morning and night, but at night may help you sleep but some get energy), so a few hours before sleep). Some add a pinch of baking soda to the ACV and when it stops fizzing they add water and drink. This prevents the body from depleting of its bicarbonates when it alkalizes the ACV. ACV is just a wonder supplement!

      Also to help heal get some food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and out a capful of that in a liter (four cups) of water (use a glass wine carafe) and drink several evenings a week half a cup every 1/2 to one hour. This will give oxygen to your body and clean out your lymph system which is so important to health.

      Our liver also helps clean out toxins. When we eat too any vegetable oils, especially cooked (use a little coconut oil instead when cooking) it gets clogged. Take a tablespoon of lecithin granules 1/2 hour before dinner to help.

      Do these things several days out of the week and let the body rest on the weekends. This can be done for many months (except zinc just for a month than as needed).
      In the evening.

      Most of these remedies can be bought at health food store or health food department of grocery store or some times Ebay but be sure to buy from credible buyer.

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